Godin Isis – meditatie(Collectief EGO moet omlaag)

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Absent parents and christmas:

It’s ok to not being with your parents for the holidays if you can’t emotionally. Not everybody CAN yet, or even maybe never in this lifetime. It is perfectly normal parental absence is a healing process for us now. That it even covers more than only one lifetime. That you are not yet ready to see the complete picture of your father and mother(or one of them) – the good, the bad and the ugly. Finding yourself in a healing process or you might starting up one.

absent parents

Forgiving can play aswel at a distance while you are freeing yourself of every bit of freedom that has been taken from you. In that case, as with me, you probably don’t have the luxury of letting your parent(s) know about your grieve or pain as they are not able to deal with you being broken. Any answer would bring you more upset! They would of done it otherwise with you at the first place if they would be able to do it now. They(or one of your parents) are still processing their own pain coming from their own absent parent(s) in one way or another. And you must protect yourself here, you are no longer in position to take on a role as a parent yourself to them, trying to ease their pain. Decide to stop doing that!

What important is here is that you try to feel what it is to feel more and more free on a deeper level by stopping to find approval in one way or another. This process might feel it’s unfair cause so much hard work goes in to it…well see it that way…

“There must of bin a reason for the impact you went through! A void inside of you to fill up with a much higher way of thinking, seeing things just as you do see clear on the world’s lack, indeed much closer than everybody else. Even to the point you feel lonely by it. Do you feel where I am pointing at?”

So your task…I must say your ‘divine life purpose’ here is to embrace what’s behind all of this. To do some research on the fact why you were confronted with hurt instead of being just simply being happy. Instead you might have experiencing sexual abuse or any other heavy load to carry. Or you are at the point there is a chance you can’t figured out excactly what’s wrong with you.

From my own experience I like to share that throughout searching for the love of my parents I got to realize I was searching in an empty space, untilI I started to embrace the fact it’s not going to change. It’s empty!

So what is there to find if I keep forgetting my own emptyness? EVERYTHING.

I realized at the time I was so empty! Depression it was called. So what will fill me up by my own undertaking? I started to question myself. And here an even longer process started to grow inside of me. A state of being not knowing how to built on a soul(mine) that wasn’t shown how to receive love in the first place. My parents were absent; narcistic father and sexually abused mother(I figured out much later). I could only give love cause that is what I desperately did to gain the love of my parents.

I did start to realize, after a long and tough time of survival, there must be something behind the fact of ‘just being empty’! Realizing and thinking, maybe feeling the moments of me ‘just being’. What did happen there that was alive?


Well I discovered that actually every value was genuine; fantasy, intuition, anger, …. So I accepted that as my truth(although in the beginning I didn’t believe I could start to respect it, was the only me who was there). And eventually I started to share it with the world, like I do now. At first with pain scared of receiving negative reactions, but after a while I just couldn’t care for the outside enfluence. I realised that there has never been someone, but me. That f.e. the illusion of disparately meeting that one love to love you unconditionally is a myth if you do not consider yourself as a part of it. That’s nice if it happens, but as a soul you are there with yourself, no matter how hard you try to push that away.

I guess everyone has his or her karmic impact to overcome, to see what’s left once you deeply accept your soul, daring to go there and uncover it’s layers.

Whether you even must transgend or you must change the way you have become to become who you really are on a soul level…

I guess parental absence had it’s reason to be in a very profound way!! And we can never go as deep in judging another being as he or she can do for him/herself. Let’s hope no one is judging theirselves!! That is the greatest magic trick to survive a life born out of pain. To finally revive and re-invent yourself to the being that is ever changing. Knowing that the saying; ‘I am who I am’,  is not a valid answer.


copyright photos
– Photo 1 by Brittany Simuangco on Unsplash
– Photo 2 by elizabeth lies on Unsplash
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Holy Isle – part 2

Here it is, the Holy Isle final report – PART 2

What is it? A little reminder

It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’) and Lightworkers that I know wanting to join these meditations. If you feel to join this secret FB-group, pls. send me a PM on facebook(https://www.facebook.com/michele.quaegebeur.9 ).

In the first place it were the horses I am seeing as a horse whisperer who called me to go to Scotland, to Holy Isle. To actually fix and open an important vortex for the animals so they can get back to their authentic power on earth and above. So everybody who felt to come along to join in from a distance, while I was in Scotland, could join. The intention of the meditation was for everyone to receive an initiation in communicating more clearly with animals(domesticated and wild), to learn to work with them through the angelic energy of Archangel Phelyai. An Archangel that is occupied to protect the animals and to heal them.

But when I tuned in more and more, still in Holland, to Holy Isle I felt there was something wrong. So doing it in a group setting from a distance didn’t match anymore. It was a matter of first fixing something that was requested by the Angelic realm. So a deeper insight in to the situation was a priority.

At that point my husband and me decided to set up a ‘manifestation’ together to join the callings of the higher realms just the two of us. That way we were able to repair the island’s energy and that of Archangel Fhelyai! The last was strangely enough unusual! As I alwals thought the Angels didn’t have any issues to break through a situation. AE did need our commitment to fix an eartly energy power place. That wasvery interesting.

To go to PART 1: HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Photo’s Part two:


An empty island

Right now, back in Holland, I have started my healings together with Archangel Fhelyai and enjoying to start knowing and working with this Archangel. He came along within our energy since the meditation held on Holy Island.

I must say His ‘RENEWED’ energy!

What happened after connecting with the island through the crystal grid?!

When I got there I saw an island quite in the dark, her light and energy was dusky and it felt as empty. But once the leyline*(see info below) was picked up by the crystal grid Angels must of formed the connection that made the island change from dusky to sunny. The sky above cleared out and we could feel Archangel Fhelyai answering with the following message;

‘I was banned from my refuse’; AE Fhelyai said. The only spot on the island that was inhabited was a buddhist center. Bart felt the energy of the buddhist center wasn’t resonating with the energy of AE Fhelyai’s energy and the island’s energy.

After that Holy Island responded as if it was released and relieved, we saw the AE taking back His place slowly. After waiting for this process to be done we started to feel a re-connected and re-newed energy. We could slowly take away our grid, but we felt we must find a space for thanking this very special and powerful achievement. So we walked on along the water and have put a little peace-stone-construction(see photo below) as we were filled with joy and happiness. WE COULD FEEL THE ANIMAL KINGDOM GETTING BACK THEIR POWER! AND THAT IS WHAT NEEDED TO HAPPEN!

Although our work is only the beginning of saving lots of animals and especially the animal-people connection. To restore it! Animals at the moment do understand people more and better than people do understand the animals.


(*More about Leylines go to: Ley lines )

And the magic of it all was when we were surprised by a swan-family. I have never seen in my life and animal making a bow. But these swans did…they were thanking us for our work and in a fact in name of the whole animal kingdom. I didn’t know what to do with my happiness…I just simply received it all! Click on picture too read more:

Swans making a bow

Swans giving thanks, sharing joy(PURE LOVE)

An animal’s power of goodby



Question to the universe:

”Is the petition I am currently holding(New rules Equestrian Sports) still a strong factor I must derive my attention to? Or may I pass on completely to the higher Light to achieve everything much faster and steadier?”

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Waarom het ego er nog is, al verblijf je in de 5de dimensie!

Ik deel graag dit lichtwerker’s bericht:

‘Lichtwerk met de vergeten meesters van Lemurië’


Ga naar:


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HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Here it is, the Holy Isle report !!!

It is 24 th of September and I am more than one week home from Scotland. It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’). If you feel to join this group, pls. send me a PM on facebook(https://www.facebook.com/michele.quaegebeur.9 ).

So everybody who felt to come along to join in at a distance while I was in Scotland could join. The intention of the meditation was for everyone to receive an initiation in communicating more clearly with animals(domesticated and wild), to actually learn to work by with the angelic energy of Archangel Phelyai. An Archangel that is occupied to protect the animals and to heal them. But when I tuned in more and more, still in Holland, to Holy Isle (away from the coast of the stunning Isle of Arran) I felt there was something wrong. So doing it in a through a group setting from a distance didn’t match anymore. It was a matter to fix something that was requested, a deeper insight in to the situation was priority. So my husband and me decided to set up a ‘manifestation’ to join the callings of the higher realms. To repair the island’s energy and that of Archangel Phelyai! The last was strangely enough!

From today on I will be sharing once a week the process it took to go over there, to observe and to take action. I’m keeping it that way even a little excited by sharing it part by part, photo by photo. That’s the way I feel doing it. Even though I have done the manifestion over a periode of 4 hours on a sunny day, at once.

Photo’s Part One:

paarden schotland

I am actually right now enjoying to start knowing and working with the energy of Archangel Phelyai that came along within our energy since the meditation held over there(that’s why I could not immediately start to share it here).

I must say His RENEWED energy!

I am adapting to it by slowly bringing it to the horses(and other animals) that are responding to it. So I am awaiting for them to show up each time I will enter a stable the coming weeks. (picture above)The first horses I encountered during my drive in Scotland’s beautifull countryside where excited and ran from a space far away in threesome to where I was standing at the gate of their prairie. Wow!

So What happened?!

A lot happened! After my gut feeling told me there was a kind of emptyness before seeing the Island in real time…an undiscriveble emptiness in fact took over my intuition. I have even doubted if had to go there cause something was off. But I knew counterforce could be the reason of it, or something was really off.

Once I got there I saw an island quite in the dark, her light and energy was dusky and it felt as no Archangel Phelyai was residing there, let alone living there. Once my husband and I set up our grid of stones on the beach across, from upon the Isle of Arran, we did feel connection was starting up. At last minute we decided to hold the ritual from Arran and not from upon Holy Isle itself. So we didn’t take the little boat to cross over the water. That’s the way it felt, and sure it did feel right! In this photo you can see how Holy Isle appears at the back and the gems in the grid up front. The Island only looks small(because of it’s missing energy), but that is only how it appears on photo at the time of it’s state of being before the manifestation. Here you can see a photo with the dusky light.

How to from a grid?

It is a complete intuitive procedure. I took along almost all my gems I had from home and felt, my husband is good in it, wich one to give it’s personal intention for this manifestation. Every stone is getting loads of new energy once it is manifesting toward it’s fullest potention. It is almost like your hands are guiding them were to be positioned.

Holy Island was responding to it.

Stay tuned in for Part 2.












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Psychiatrie en Mercurius Retrograde

Eén van mijn specialiteiten is New Age psychiatry. Ik sta op het punt een belangrijk artikel uit te geven over een onderwerp dat hopelijk klassieke en nieuwe psychiatrie mag verbinden. De tijd is er wel rijp voor. En ik ben er klaar voor. Maar in het licht hiervan heb ik zonet even ingetuned op de collectieve energie in wat de huidige bewerkstelliging van de planeet Mercurius is voor de mens in psychoses en/of bi-polaire energie. Je mag stellen dat deze energieën de basis zijn van iemands oerkracht. Dat wordt straks in mijn publicatie helemaal duidelijk.

De swirl of energy van Mercurius

De collectieve Mercurius retrograde gaat langs planeten waaronder de aarde in een zwaaiende kracht en verblijft in datgene wat mag healen of kracht mag bijgezet krijgen. Om zo vervolgens daarna alles in daadkracht te veranderen wat eerder is aangeraakt ter transformatie door deze energie van Mercurius retrograde. Ahw. de vruchtbaarheid te verspreiden wat deze energie eerst heeft aangebracht. Je lijkt het niet te zien maar ze is er. Alles wat een mens heeft gedacht ter wille van transformatie voor het goede en het hogere collectieve doel is opgeslagen in het geheugen van deze energieshift. Dus elke positieve gedachte die er tijdens haar verblijf hier op aarde is gemaakt zal zijn vruchtbare uitwerking hebben! Ook al zat de possitiviteit in je grootste transformerende ideeën. Heel binnenkort nu zal de uitwerking plaatsvinden!

Geduld is de schoonste zaak als we het hebben over omzetting, het is dan ook heel belangrijk bij een retrograde van Mercurius dat je al je manifestaties duidelijk neerzet. Maar dat gebeurt niet zomaar want de swirl aan energie is dan zodanig intens dat je ahw in haar bi-polaire energie wordt meegesleurd. Voor wie gegrond in het leven staat is het alsnog moeilijk, maar bevind je je in een ongegronde staat van zijn dan kan het diepgravend zijn in het belang van healing op een diep celniveau.

Rumoer op de gesloten afdeling

Mensen die in deze retrograde richting opname gingen ervaarden de afgelopen dagen hun energie als een tornado door het lijf zwieren. En omdat gegrondheid afwezig was werd de opwaartse gang van de eigen lichaamsenergie volledig aangetrokken door de zuigende opwaarts trekkende energie van Mercurius. Die dan dus inhaakt op jouw eigen energie die je draagt en dez verstoort. Al was/is het zeer curatief, toch is het momenteel zwaar voor elk mens die nog niet zijn of haar energie kan controleren. Het is dan juist wel veilig binnen de muren van een gesloten psychiatrische afdeling.

Om dan terug te keren in het lichaam zonder hulp van begeleide grondingstechnieken is zwaar. Want na de wervelstorm komt de depressie; de verandering van hoge drukgebied naar laag drukgebied. Het neerknallen in de aardse werkelijkheid die niks te maken lijkt te hebben met de wervelstorm waarin je eerder verkeerde. Waarin alles razendsnel manifesteerde. Momenteel is er enkel medicatie die deze dienst moet uitmaken voor velen. Terwijl er geheel andere programma’s kunnen ontwikkelde worden om die de oorzaak opnieuw kan verbinden met deze staat van zijn.

Nu nog even in het kader van Mercurius Retrograde geschreven, ik hoop dit gauw uit te diepen in mijn volgende publicatie.


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Krachtdier: De vlieg

Wat betekent de vlieg in ons leven?

Wat komt ze hier doen op aarde?

Vul zelf in…

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