Where it went wrong:

It is simple, as we see it everyday; the ego gets frustrated because we can not get over nature’s beauty and its magic…we don’t seem to find in ourselves.

That is the milestone, the big question that popped up the moment we could not believe God’s creation is aswel ours. We had to delve in to His earth to find out how it could survive on its own while neglecting we were in the same state of being.

Only today we feel nature’s hot and cold overwhelming climate not yet believing we caused it through our negativity of ego thoughts and actions.

Here is how powerful we are.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/marcu.david/

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Godin Isis – meditatie(Collectief EGO moet omlaag)

Vandaar nogmaals:  ‘Uitreiking van het Ankh’


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Feel it with goose bumps:

We will keep on DE-cending to this planet until we realize repeting our ego actions are leading to nothing.

Once we heal her, WE heal. Here is where AS-cension starts and death dies out.

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Indigo ascension: God-Proof


Omg counterforce has tried it! To put me in jail.

It is so familiar dear counterforce that after I have been manifesting for our world, you try to catch me. Good news is I’m on God’s side, you can’t put me down or anything you’ve planned. So yesterday I’ve held a manifestation to let descend indigo baby-souls(as indigo’s have this power; to descend again after ascension). That happens when I feel that is willing to help us ascend as a collective. That doesn’t mean, indigo-souls, that you are descending in your overall frequency, but you are capable of descending by the bipolar energy you are carrying(kundalini energy) for balancing the collective field. To add Light to it. It was a speed-up task, to speed up the transformation level even faster, even purer. Now I am holding compassion for everyone who is touched and I welcome all of the new indigo-soul to be born.

But today, the day after manifesting some powerful lightwork, I was attacked. In a store called Zeeman here in the Netherlands. A store I avoid, but I have been triggered to go buy something I wasn’t able to find elsewhere. So stupid. So I asked for forgiveness for my purchase that is fabricated over the back of many many children. This store is so much hiding their activity by putting there own factory address as ‘made in (their on address).’. But it is all made in Bangladesh, India,…

I mistaked size so I went back to exchange the t-shirt. My receipt was the wrong one and I took already a new shirt along to the pay desk and they accused me of robbery as the receipt didn’t stem the product. I was surprised but I immediately called upon God to fix this assault. I knew it was counterforce so I am never scared. I just waited until they did their unfair job to see in the back of the store if I was stealing on camera. My only concern was telling the employees if it wouldn’t be better to put the CEO in jail instead of me. I thanked and said I don’t need their money, so please keep the shirts, even the one I payed for a stupid amount of 3,99€. An amount that should be holding a child of 9. So an night in jail, at the worse, can you image loosing your hand in Saudi by a multinational pressuring their seemingly corporate activity, believing they do a job for a world of ego. While every employee is believing each other, sitting closed inn in buildings 7 days a week. In Saudi-arabia this tactic might work, but I sure feel it’s a lot of pressure to live with, in case you are practicing your sense of justice as a revolting child or adult over there. No second change, nothing to say…well I considered praying through it today using my indigo blue light. Even those children at the sewing factories have nothing to say if they mistake or don’t show up…they are often to young to place wisdom over this surreal life they lead. Is it karma, yes, but in that case it’s not theirs, it’s our as western society with our needs and wanting ‘things’. We have enought in our wardrobe for the rest of our life, I’m sure of it! Leave Primark, Zeeman, Wibra, Zara, … and so many more very expensive brands. Test them here: https://rankabrand.nl 

Don’t get an indigo angry over nothing

An indigo-soul is never to be convinced if he or she feels there is an insincere action. It has nothing to see with ego, and here many people run away for indigo’s, but it has everything to see with a very pure mission of inspiring the world to act right and open hearted. Our world deserves that approach as it ran to long the opposite way of betrayal. Marketing, economy, foolish religion and uncompassionate attitude.

Don’t be scared dear indigo brother or sister, you are safe. You only need to know when to set your energy free for ascension. Like at Zeeman, I had to tell them from my gut feelings it is a wrong company. Even if it were only employees and a store manager. The energy goes on!! Just know that you are a strong being not taking a no if your heart says yes. And that counts for everybody else, cause people are all becoming indigo’s if you want.

The manifestation time I dedicate to the world is a responsibility of all of us. And everyone has a unique job in it. It may even be by smiling to others, or taking charge in a petition. If we only listen to our soul that is guiding us, telling us, what to do…stop doubting over it a 1000 times for many years. In the hardest case it is asking you to take a leap of faith. Can you do that? Are you believing you are powerful, much more powerful than a company as Zeeman stealing our money that was supposed to be given to the workers at sewing factories.

If we are scared we will dwelling, saying yes to all of the bad counterforce actions people are maintaining today. It is a cool judgment I make here; it’s wrong. There is one way to peace cause peace is the way. Immediately, now, on the high speed of transformation energy. It is working, as we are on the spot of return, on the turnpike of rewriting the bible of our real ascension. Although Jesus is still leading, this indigo bad ass.

The thing is that we here in the western world need to clean up this unfair business, we started it, we are going through this karma.

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Family or System?

(read as much as you need to for integration within your soul)

We are still doubting whether we want to be in a family without economics/politics OR
one living without this pressure on life.

I hear you saying; ‘how to do that without the system?!😧😧

Well, there is no system! As no-one can actually force us acting above our own free will choice! It’s an illusion someone would ever can! We only believed so, so that means the energy is being spoiled in convincing ourselves.

Our free will choice is a universal law we shouldn’t try to get or put in any constitution, cause imagine we only act constantly from a place of talking and behaving in the name of that universal law! It is just there to completely support you once taken place in your sense of intuitive power.

Be calm, be stable in everything you undertake, in what you energetically transport out to the world, at work, at court, to an officer or anybody! Be aware in every conversation about your free will power! Doing so you will find yourself in a different energy frequency where your become supported by your free will choice instead of being opposed to it. You will witness what love really means. It’s rather a forceful love.

Photo by Sergei Akulich on Unsplash

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Answer to question: ‘How to let go?’

(Every question I answer I do from my gut feelings, tuning in to the person that is giving the question to me. By the Law of Attraction you might feel drawn to it aswel, in that case the answer can be for many the same time).

To V.

🙏for your trust. I will publicize my answer on my blog in an small article so it can serve everyone.


As beings of a highsensitive nature we tend to read it all; beyond emotions but also that part of the other one that has darkness. Here comes the wisdom first of all by knowing it is not your own proper energy what your feel, but the energy of that other person that makes you feel sad, angry and so on. It easily, littarilly, hooks in to our own energetic body, and it is done before you know it. So we will have to cancel clear delete it back to the light for transmutation. I don’t know how far you are in maintaining your energy, I will share what I’ve learned walking my life path, what works fast.

Before coming to action I’d like to add that we ourselves are also letting cords hooking in f.e. when we don’t agree with someone or have a karmic relationship with the person in front of us. This is a mental attack we create for ourselves holding on to issues formed by thoughts. You can imagine when both activities come together being a sensitive person we can not control our energy household no more. Sleeping it out often doesn’t help nor getting rid of the depressive feelings(that are not even yours).

We must maintain our energy on a daily basis if we want to become a powerful highsensitive being, using it as a tool, not a burden. We can do that through cutting the hooked energy cords that were formed, best at the end of the day and during the day when needed. And it is very important so to learn ourselves not to react on everything that comes along, choosing each time what is giving us direction instead of infection.

If you are not familiar with Angelic energy, I would recommend to give it a try and feel what it does to you. Here we must be clear in our intention to declutter, speaking out still or aloud :

‘Dear Archangel Michael thank you for cutting every cord that has stopped my chakra’s to spin freely and balanced. Thank you AE Raphael to heal the cut cords in all directions of time and for rebalancing every bodily chakra. Let go and feel.

The main wisdom in letting go is to always visualize you are relinquishing control, that you no longer have to feel to control another operating from nasty ego’s. It is ego, nothing important. You can excercise this visualisation daily.

There are other ways, but in my experience Angels are powerful to do so. You can also do the same work with other tools.

Before ending I’d like to mention by knowing the skills of assertiveness for Earthangels((simply read about it on the internet you will bump in to someone who resonates with you). Assertiveness can make you very strong. It means you are handling in respect of yourself and the other person, 50% energy out 50% coming in. Even taking yoga or pilates classes are helping the body to be more in control and heal. Power training aswel. It’s up to you as our body feels different everyday. So ine day it’s yoga, one day dumbles.

Our selflove is talking to us in a flow and we must never doubt the outer world is ahead of us. It’s always the flow of life that leads, after that comes uncreative thinking by many of us. The flow is thriving in a much higher energy frequency than the ego, so we can trust that. So letting go that part in you that is no longer served by everything that comes to you, you can throw it in your imaginary basket or decide to go along with it.

Hope you may find yourself as empty as possible, always having the courage to live YOUR TRUTH!


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Indigo’s and Challenges: Q/A




On Instagram as ‘Un-imposed’

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Counterfore collective report for indigo’s: 16th Jan. ‘19

16th Jan. ‘19:

“A little better than yesterday”

As indigo’s we are sweeping away all karmic involment that is crossing our path. While doing that we will have to stay focused to live our truth, ALWAYS. Unwavering. Even when we are resting, doing this missionful purpose, we must constantly be conscious about balancing patience and action coming in at an instant, when there is work to be done.

Transformation is needed to save our planet a little more. But indigo’s are not thinking that way, cause it’s the only reason why you are here dear indigo! To turn around unpure situations and intentions . Rather NOW please!


When we get attacked by counterforce energies from others we are about to balance our own energy. As a daily maintainance. The actual energy we are carrying is very transformational, bipolar…so carried away by the pain outside energy is bringing along is easy for us to absord. The reason for that is because as starseeds we have not learned to ground, as that is not our purpose. It would of been nice though God prepared us for life on earth, but walking the experience of life itself is as fair as for everyone. If we do not adapt to the grounding the earth works with we can never work our bipolar indigo-energy to its highest potential. To manifest peace.

So today is one of the restdays, those days that must be lived in the flow of what’s needed. Of what needs to be seen in an indigo’s 3rd eye, and to be felt first before going out there again to turn pages at a fast pace. Days to be embrace in selflove, to gain the insight of embracing counterforce. Cause excactly counterforce is telling us what to do in case of what needs to be transformed, distroyed or cancelled cleared deleted. And the day(s), as yesterday, just before such a restday as today, is all about indigo’s giving back the dense energy to the light(the Angels) for transmutation. It is the energy that hooked in througout the done manifestations.

It’s all about getting to learn Archangel Michael skills to eliminate what’s no longer needed with His sword of light. To cut away the energy cords of protest, from people/situations not wanting to change for the better. One to one, or while performing collective energy work.

Your questions are very welcome,


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