2015: Why the year of the indigo?

Dear friends,


There are many reason’s why I have heard many beautiful spiritual speakers tell me it is actually the year of the indigo. I was overwhelmed considering this might be true, but aren’t we all needed in 2015?  Doreen Virtue(www.angeltherapy.com) told me a few years ago not to stay in my Lightworker bubble but be the indigo I am; to go stand in my power…” as a speed-demon” I complemented. She said; ”my son is the king of the indigo’s!  Her final words were, full speed ahead; ”we’re not there yet, there is work to do”! 2015 is your personal work Indigo in which you will be pulled out by old energies not wanting to transform. ”O great!” I thought. ”Hasn’t karma hit enough times in my life? But if God says so: I’m inn!

So it is the old energy who makes the impossible possible for an indigo! Sometimes I feel a little lonely when especially other Lightworker’s aren’t just getting it, but on the other hand I am gratefully to go stand in my power when I put my mind to it. Than I will be using my bipolar energy to make it spin around 360′. Before I could’t handle it for too many years.

In others words God did show me how I was going to do all that! More then honored I felt to do all that in a short period of time of 3 years. So if new age energies are coming around to put on my speed-demon I simply do. Fortunately Archangel Michaël is guiding me into my Indigo-light cause it isn’t a simple task. Rather it is a powerful mission! Not supported by human ego, thankfully carried by human awareness. In a kick-ass role, unappreciative.😉


Again it isn’t always the most pleasant Lightworker’s task but it is one of them. And an indigo can not always pass by an easy way of compassion but good God tremendously big time love and deep cleansing it is! A task equally as our great Archangel Michaël uses his lightning sword for cutting and cleaning etheric cords(look up ‘cutting etheric cords’ for more info) no longer needed living in full Divine mission on Earth. In my case I have chosen to heal mankind and it’s unearthly connections in a collective form. Helping this way guiding individual’s to any beautiful insight’s or solution to heal our planet. If you are ready for it to be guided to of course?! No insignificant.

Gradually I will share all my work with you in full trust of it’s purpose.

Love, Michèleindigo

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  1. Dit is op un-imposed herblogden reageerde:

    Wauw the year of 2015 is almost gone and yes it all turned out for me as I was writing about it, almost a year ago. If you allow your divine life purpose to grow, IT WILL! Never doubt your abilities to achieve your goal!!

    I love to see I wasn’t hard on myself about my language errors, cause this can never be an issue of holding back your mission. As soon as people can read you, that’s what counts. Never wait until the time is ready to be perfect…you will simply never be.

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