A channel with Jesus – (5th of March 2015)

This channel is a powerful manifestation of Divine truth brought to me by the Holy Spirit.


How do my channels occur? 

Sometimes I fall in to a speed-process carried by the New Age Energies bringing me clear information through my claircognizance and than the only thing to do is to observe my environment. Angels are using my environment to talk to me as it happened with this subject today.

And what can I do about it? 




Yesss, as a believer of talking your truth without judgment I do believe our world can find peace!!!


I was channelled this claircognizant interaction I am sharing with you below. It was a clear instant manifestation in the moment of time. I am bringing it as it was presented to me even though it is truly difficult to transfer a claircognizant angelic encounter to the world.

Channelling with the presence of my guides ‘St’-Francis, Jeanne D’Arc and Jezus ‘Christ’ who were urging me to get replaced the above terms between breaks…’St’,’Christ’…(continues below)

Right here,right now on the moment I wrote this…a pigeon(God’s representation of His soul as the Holy Spirit=old energy term)bumped hard in to my living room window saying to me: “”Right on girl, put this news out!!””(window=you see clear!)

Continuation: …flattered by God’s visions I felt the loading ‘St’ and ‘Christ’ are weighing heavy upon our existence and are still carrying load’s of Old Energy. I was asked to reinvent them by finding new substitute’s for them!! As also Jezus requested me not to use the word ‘christ’ no more since years now. Nor any images from Him hanging on the cross as it is loaded with low vibrating energies of abuse and betrayal!

Sorry folk’s if you must get used to this idea. I am asking you to envision this channel without judgment in Light and Love letting this information to penetrate you so you can receive the part that is appealing to you if so. If we are willing to find peace in ourselves and on our planet and the universe we will have to eliminate all of the old fows. So we are sending out only positive and pure energy in to universe!

But thank you God for having already pope Francis in place in his indigo lead!  To manage and transform all this old energy to it’s new place. A pope pretty much as a whisleblower in disguise! For the sake of our 🌍!!!


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