FIGHTING TERROR: that is how YOU do it!

Trust that terror is in all of us

If you ask me I would say we are all guilty of current terror while living on earth! As long as we can’t live in peace unless we are committed to transform our ego in to a place of holiness. That place of holiness is a place far beyond the feelings of a human being. It is a feeling of finding peace within an energy what we call universal energy. Living out of a compassionate way will not be strong enough to cope with the fear of terror today, which is found these days within a terror warrior as in ourselves. As long as that fear is living inside of us no terrorist will trust us nor listen to a system but their own. Without that Self-trust lived inside of you, you are sending out to distrust the conversation you have internally made with the person behind the terrorist or the anger and fear on those terrorists groups you might carry! Groups becoming more and more communities of live and nations if we let them to.

It is all about the collective healing of universal healing for every one and each of us. We cannot live with the illusion that it is all of us versus the terrorist. No, we all have been carrying out a form of terror in a previous lifetime, and still we are if you look at our ego that is still left inside of us. You and I will have to make a much bigger of an effort to heal our world, as we are all guilty of adding negative energy to the universal energy that is becoming wasted energy. Wasted energy or negative energy is taking course while you just been sending it out on this very moment, in case you were not aware of what you were sending out.

Here I have a simple example. Let’s say you have been walking to the supermarket and you have been complaining non stop about trivialities of every person crossing you on your way to that supermarket. Each jalous or negative thought crossing your mind has to leave your mind or it has to affect your body it you let it to live in your body(one way of how we become sick). It is all whitin that process you will have to decide whether you are willing to swap your ego for world peace or not. Not saying if you don’t do that you are somehow guilty by having that behavior, but you sure are making war not peace on our collective space we are sharing with one another, and any terrorist. If that makes you dizzy to make it a global responsability as you might of been used to your own small ego world, than think about the fact whether you wanna send out a intelligent energetic and positive universal message or the one of fear and fight. Wich makes us even to any small of big terrifying act. Wich is exactly the start of the mind-set of a future terror warrior.


Here is a dutch version of the above in case you are bilingual.


This is my call, again to be wise dear one!

Love and light,


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