Angel message 14 sept 2015 (English)

(Dutch scroll down)

It is going on now…there is enough transformational energy on Earth to adjust your choice to increase your frequency.

If you choose at once, in deep faith that your own Soul light is special and indescribably powerful and you are able to let go of what no longer serves you, then you will catch the strong Gamma-Photon Light that is now located 12 hertz above our 5th Dimension level of mother Earth.


It only takes deep faith…

The Warrior-force you will feel when you tune in on this wave is a bipolar energy force. The feeling of opposite energy between pole 1= the 12-hertz frequency and pole 2= the one of our 5D Earth.

You can stand in the vortex(the eye of the storm) to stay there; don’t connect with the swirling forces around it(these are only there so all of this could be created and would be dangerous if you do so). What you feel from standing in that spot is more than enough to get your information you need to serve world peace by your Light. When you decide to meditate on this event it is necessary, and I touch your heart, to ground thoroughly. And to ground for a couple of hours afterwards!

Thank you Archangel Michaël, Isis the Goddess and the Band of Mercy.


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