Important Archangel Uriel manifestation today for pain-releasement(sign in)

Hello everybody,


”Collective healing manifestation today for pain-releasement”

This collective Angel healing method is free of charge. It is part of what my mission is about, showing how we can heal ourselves by the universal forces who are for free and available to everyone of us.

Archangel Uriël is approaching me now not only for my self-healing but to ask everyone to join with unsolved healing matters. In to form by a collective healing manifestation. Uriel is asking me to invite all of you who are in a pain-proces (you might known for several years and which is simply not healing since). A pain that is not wanting to transform in to infinite healing. A harsh pain that need insight’s in to your own consciousness.  And of course you can join in if you are having the flew aswell.

You can read more about Archangel Uriel and his powerful being and possibilities below.


Signing in :

You can leave your ‘first name‘ (or the name of your animal) and your ‘subject‘ about your personal pain and I will take it along for transmutation into the fire of Uriël later this day. I do trust Divine timing will bring along everyone around the planet and it’s timezones at the right moment who are needed to attent.

Please only use this contact-form so I will be sure I receive your call:

(Your contact information will be deleted once the manifestation has occurred)

(You can only attent by email, I will not be able to answer personal questions seen the collective character of the event)

Archangel Uriel

Important note to start with is that today is not about a personal energy healing given by me to anyone signing in. It is an intervention of Archangel Uriel being present today to heal all pain in to his powerful fire. I only initiate the manifestation.uriel

AE Uriel is the governor of thunder and lightning. Today it is about being able to use his great fires of destructions who we mostly see transforming unwanted energies around our planet when lightning struck. As today(and always when we call upon him) he is here for us human beings! Angels are non-denominational and can be, as the Lightbeing they are, with many people and situations at the same time! Again we can of course all call upon Uriel when we need him for the sake of our own well being in one way or another. Today Uriel called me to set up and initiate this collective healing. We can easily relate to the power of thunderstorms when it occurs, but we also can invoke this power to undo unwanted life events concerning healing from pain. Fysical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

If you want to read more in detail about Archangel Uriel please do google around. Today I am exposing his forces on a collective level, so if you resonate to this manifestation on a personal level concerning your healing-proces please do feel welcome to join in.

In Light and Love I greet,


(Foto: copyright Doreen Virtue – Angel Tarot cards)

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