Collective energy for 12-11-2015:

Typified: Wild and clumsy

Sometimes we watch other people passing us by with intolerance and judgement…and then we are captured in a negative vibe. We all do, we all are sometimes. Here I know as a collective lightworker there is to be done personal work.

But this morning driving in my car I felt a wild and calm energy at the same time, the only differance was people let down a 25%(that is how much it felt like) of of their guard. To say; that is excellent news!!🎉 So I felt amazed how fast we are thriving in to the power of the new age energy.


To deal now with that fact is to know the effect is still visible by reckless driving or clumsyness in our daily aspects. A good thing to do is bringing humor in to life today and you will notice we can heal and transform things easily doing so today. From tension to letting go.

This progress is a very good sign of our collective state of peacefullness!!

I can only cheer: BRAVO!!! So proud of us!!❤️


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