I flew above it(collective energy 29th of febr. from a personal perspective)

About: Collective energy work

”Two Eagles were flying above my house, seagulls were trying to tempt us…as I flew with them above the storm. The storm of our collective turbulence…and although we were part of it we kept being strong. Hearing the winds of change as a suspicious calmth conquering the earth down below. We kept flying among the loquacious gull’s.”


So I thanked this Eagles for showing me that I am spot on with my senses…that by flying above any temptation or counter fource, who’s trying to enter my shield of non-destructive and undistracted state of being, I can do this. Even though seagulls were trying to chase us away…I was dedicated, in indigo-fierceness, with Archangel Michaël’s reveling sword in front of me. That is the moment I could touch down as the collective energies aren’t favoring us at any point.

A new week ahead, but a week of collective weakness just passed by. I survived carrying away collective load’s of ego and insight’s of unpureness, revenge, resentment, jealousy,…as that is how my collective Lightwork performed. Not always fun, but hey it is all about healing our collective conscienceness. And I am not alone, together with my strong guides and my Angels of all sorts I can wash away matrix-damage.

So I will walk on, in full throttle, in unwavered confidence.

I am.

This is what collective Lightwork is about.


Are you a collective Lightworker?

So if you are a collective Lightworker aswell, please don’t give up on messed up circumstances or distracted people; masses of people and individuals. Even if warzones or universal dimensions are coming to ask you for guidance. But do pay attention to your health!! You are never ever responsible for cleaning up everybody’s mess, you must feel at any moment wether you are ready to fulfill your purpose at no cost. You can skip a to high of a level/charge coming to you, or you ask your Angels for adjusting your given task. Your are at all times in charge. And that is how we come to dicuss counterforce as a collective Lightworker. A very simple but still low energy loaded case is not done.


Stated by rabbit nr.2

I don’t even have a picture. But I have a story.

Z. my approached animal and whispering rabbit just told me she is not wanting to be abandoned this time again, while she is sitting in front of the kitchen window. So I looked at her and let her know that she will not, that I am giving her full trust and company for the rest of her life. So she shared with me the following: upon till now she held her self-confidence strong trying to trust again. This time to trust me.  Hmmm…that was not what I was reading a few day before. I thought she wanted to experience a wild life, running around as a self-confident bunny. But instead she felt vulnerable and I was pleased I could share myself the exact same way. Wauwww greatfull!

But what happened was the translation of a good thing. Up until a counterforce’s level of distraction tried to rule as another rabbit who walked in. While Z. walked in 5 weeks ago. rabbitsThis second rabbit felt as a treat, trying to distract the flow of my collective awareness. That didn’t feel ok at all. I started to read it in the people around me who were not strong enough to defeat the collective lower energies. Although I knew the rabbit was Divinely planned to pass a message I had to let go of the rabbit itself. So I let it go again and the harsh energy touched down. By the way when the two rabbits met, Z. completely freaked out! So that is why today other power animals as the Eagles spread their wings as a strong reminder I should proceed to read away all harshnes our universe(including Mother Earth) was dealing with.

So right here right now it is simple, we just don’t want to discuss things or starting heated conversations with people if you don’t wanna loose yourself. Listen well, but stay at a distance.


Cut the ego back!



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