Above as on earth

About: Change focus to receive help from our universe

To turn around the title of this article in to ‘ On earth as above’, the opposite way, is to decide from now on to observe your own spiritual behavior you carry along. It is just there already your whole life!

It is time to change focus to the Self instead of observing the other(s). Be honest… judging someone for the fact he or she is smoking while you are wearing a tattoo or you yell at people is not exactly a satisfacting feeling that leads you to happiness. It rather brings you way down in to any pain zone you have just attracted yourself.

By refocussing on the awareness that you are not only present in the now, you also reload your energy so it can spread it wings in to the universe. As positive energy this time. As a prayer, as a question as we do so. Meaning we receive help from above, the universe, God…(any way you resonate with).


That is the moment the universal Law of Attraction comes in to action(or gets activated by you) and start to exchange the energetic feeling of being in the flow for any lower state of being; a way of feeling in touch with who you are as an individual(unique) and our connection with the all(we need to know to fulfill our life purpose). It is the moment where we just have become clairvoyant, -cognizant,-audient,- sentient,…

For us, most powerful beings!


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