Global Un-imposed Herald: ‘Recalling universal knowledge with the world’



Before I start out telling about my personal universal knowledge, I ‘d like to share first that everything I am writing in this ‘Global Un-imposed Herald’- columns is part of my personal life story. I do not only feel it is time for me to share it in the form of columns instead of a book-form, but I also call upon you to go share your own unique life-story as a part of our collective universe. In were we are carried by the same Light, the Light between you and me.

If I do not start writing about my visions they would be found after my death, piled up. And what a shame any of us would do that! So it is time to let them go. My only purpose is to help everyone remember what you didn’t forget so healing can occur. And yes I will be revealing topics of some areas of our world we aren’t proud of, but I do feel this is my life mission…so that is what I am doing:

”Connecting my mission with yours to discover yet, so we can reveal life in a new and essential way. A way we all are entitled to.  A life of beauty and transformation until we reach world peace in rather it’s realistic purpose than the one we get drained of. In systems and far away from any unauthentic feeling as stress, fear, guilt, financial debt,…and so on. These are no values but created ones. What about simple living our lives as it has been created. Using planet earth to be happy instead of getting sick over political repressive ways. Anyhow, anything your inner-truth is calling to bring up is your personal value, and that is valid. Mine is not to write novels about religious facts, supposed matters that break peoples hearts. But to talk about visions of freedom, as that is our human right if we can do that in a respectful way, . That is why I never will stop anyone who is going against my outings, I will be listening to everyone as my guide. Cause I believe we have always been each others completion.


Column 1:  4th of March 2016

A true story of commitment, as I call it that way, crossed my life in 2010. I started to have certain strong visions on world topics and I kept them alive adding more each time they returned. All past 6 years I have been searching truth in them and I knew it was going to be a challenge to share them with other people. But surprisingly it wash’t challenging at all. I didn’t cross any strange reaction since. Now that I pass them globally it might come across differently. But that is ok, I will keep on writing anyhow.

I will take you back to Rome where I visited the vatican with my husband in 2007. Before I left my hotel in the city center I was feeling a lot of turbulence in my body as I became somehow nervous. At the same time I felt prepared that entering the vatican was a certain challenge for me. Since a kid I feel awkward around messes and other religious stuff. So I that means I had a urged feeling to be protective of the body of Jesus in one way or another and I felt to ignore the energy of the cross. I sensed that very strongly while visiting the vatican. That is how it went.

Once walking the crowded corridors of the vatican, each time I was passing a giant door with a keyhole that appealed to me to go peek in it. I felt a little suspicious doing so. Not about me doing this kind of thing but rather I had a strange feeling watching the hallway thru that whole.  I remember well when I looked thru the first one I had my stomach immediately tied up, without questioning I walked on. The guide who just told us about the amount of money the vatican is using to maintain it’s buildings I had the same knot in my stomach. I felt resistance. It all didn’t feel honest to me. Until the couple in the group mentioned their boy was missing. He must have been around 11 years old. The guide referred the parents to go back to the reception while I was entering a vision of mine at the same time. A spiritual vision this time while my stomach was tight up again! I was totally surprised about me recalling parts of previous lifetimes, of many people at the same time. But my lips were sealed, I knew it wouldn’t make sense to tell anyone without being named crazy. So years went on until now I am writing you the whole story.

Walking the next corridor, the parents of the boy were gone and didn’t return. I was shown an altar. An altar, so present in my vision, somewhere hidden behind the walls I was looking at. The paintings of the sistine chapel were about to take over my vision and so it did. I got to see the altar full of blood. sixtijnsekapelChildren where sacrificed in a very very disrespectful way. I remember my father used to tell me Egyptian stories about how they sacrificed death bodies to Gods so they could get answers on certain questions. I am not saying here every Egyptian dynasty was as faithful, but I can tell my vision was far from any faith or religion intention. I am a belgian and I followed the news that time where the sexual abuse with young kids at the catholic church turned in to investigations with result. Now today I know many people who were actually abused. So why was I shown those images?

After my visit I was still…trying to see if the boy was ok…


My next column will follow soon.


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