(2) Global Un-imposed Herald: ‘Recalling universal knowledge with the world’


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Before I start out telling about my personal universal knowledge, I ‘d like to share first that everything I am writing in this ‘Global Un-imposed Herald’- columns is part of my personal life story. I do not only feel it is time for me to share it in the form of columns instead of a book-form, but I also call upon you to go share your own unique life-story as a part of our collective universe. In were we are carried by the same Light; the Light between you and me.

If I do not start writing about my visions they would be found after my death, piled up. And what a shame any of us would do that! So it is time to let them go. My only purpose is to help everyone remember what you didn’t forget so healing can occur!vAnd yes I will be revealing topics of some aspects of our world we aren’t proud of, but I do feel this is my life mission…so that is what I am doing:

”Connecting my mission with yours to discover yet, if time, initiation can start. It happens when it happens while we reveal our life-missions on a global platform, in a new and essential way. A way we all are entitled to. A life of beauty and transformation until we reach world peace. In a rather realistic life purpose than the one we get drained of. In several systems and far away from any unauthentic feeling as stress, fear, guilt, financial debt,…and so on. These unauthentic feelings are no values but created ones. What about simply living our lives as it has been created. Using planet earth to be happy instead of getting sick over political repressive ways. Anyhow, anything your inner-truth is calling to bring up is your personal value, and that is valid. Never ever doubt your ability to reach your goal by going all the way in what you know is right! Mine is not to write novels about religious facts, supposed matters that break peoples hearts, not it is about talking about visions of freedom, as that is our human right if we can do that in a respectful way. That is why I will never stop anyone who is going against my outings, I will be listening to everyone as my guide. Cause I believe we have always been each others completion.”


Column 2:  5th of March 2016

In my first Column you have read about a vision I had while visiting the vatican. Of course I will not stay with that moment in the past, as I do believe that looking back isn’t always a good vibe to be put yourself through as staying in the past can be an unpleasant remimder to let back in counter forces of all kind. But now and then there are a few things that made me curious to unravel the past until a certain point. An analysis of a vision isn’t the same as taking care of a situation. It is all about bringing our intuition back in to our lives and the world as we have known that for such a long time in other lifetimes.

Revealing karmic situations in case of the vatican it is a long story. A very long story. A story that is kept secret by the vatican themselves and I did not only mention the sexual abuse, I am going way back in time when christianity had not only put a vail of resentment above the country of Belgium(my country), but especially what the impact was and is of that vail laying above the world and the universe. Exactly the reason why there is a fight going on on a global scale that doesn’t seem to resolve. So other religions are involved, making it real by saying the energy of old belief systems are still dominating to undo the last very thin layer in meanwhile. Still it has to be done, as we are still believing in war and such bad energies(as earthly war is only a tip). But still I feel like adding my own karmic past as a insight for everyone and everything who can see through that vail by reading my writings: (read)’ universal readings’. Even more I invite you to do the same if you are called to do so. Again my father told me great stories, but most of them were told in a very disturbed way. I got involved in a rather mental abusive position during childhood, listening to a narcissistic man. Today I can write my story down in a peaceful way, in which I forgave my father, even more since I realized I was the one who chose my parents as a baby soul. I could forgive, but I did not forget, let’s say I am keeping a assertive distance between my father and me. I can not forget,cause I also got to remember certain karmic information; the information that came as pain. Pain has a reason. So when things are letting you remember what your didn’t forget means you are thriving at a natural initiation level of a higher ascension. Even if that means you need to seek for the truth in your environment. But not in an unforgiven way, not with love!

Ok let’s go on…we already know the stories of the burned witches, and we already know the stories of torturing in the middle ages. History about rome who were having great ideas to found a church-like-system in which it became eventually. But what has it really become? How far did this ancestors go for power? How far did the highest congregation order go to concur the world with a story about a man called Jesus? Did Jesus show us all the secrecy and the dramatic buildings to pray in?

Before I go on with the story about a boy missing during my visit in the vatican, you read in my first column, I will introduce you to a different approach given by my insights. A spiritual approach that any church might like to spirit away, let’s say the elders in the vatican would know. Again I am sharing my visions because I received them since my childhood. And I shore didn’t  receive them for no reason, holding them back as many power-seekers would do. I am not. And everyone can! If you are able to develop a certain way of thinking while growing up because your senses are strong, then they are wonderful. But unfortunately they can appear in a very disturbing way, as we all know psychiatry is showing us. I will be talking about that topic later in one of my columns.

My parents did dominate me so much that I was always looking for a way out to help myself to survive the pressure they put on me. So many times I left my body to be able to protect myself from the beatings and humiliations as I was a very highly sensitive child. My soul took over and each time afterwards depression was available to me. I could tell when someone was dishonest and I could tell when someone was playing unwanted games in live, as I could even tell what animals were telling me. So I kept my claircognizance alive since my birth, but of course you can keep all of this alive growing up in a stable environment. Most of the time we lose this senses, called intuition, once we get older than 5 years. School en education takes over and we are switching in to a world of thoughts. And many schools are catholic(for sure in Belgium)or christian. Let me explain that later on aswell why I mention it like that. So when all of the sexual abuse by church reached the Light at the end of the tunnel I was in the middle of it, as a belgian. The cardinal who was related to my catholic school was hidden away and nobody knew where he was and couldn’t believe he was involved with sexual abuse. When all of that passed my life-story I remember my mother was crying every time images of victims telling their stories of abuse. I was watching her and my father was telling that she had a hard time to deal with this revelations. But I knew my mother was abused herself. I was around 12 and didn’t dare to speak up about her situation as my father was going to be in great denial. A child can read easily the pain of their parents. As we all remember that being a child ourselve.

I started to question everything intuitive and I was demanding God the following; if those men, priests, are abusing young children what does that means for the upcoming lifetimes of those victims? What does that mean for other filosophies within the church?

The moment I started to ask those questions I receive answers. That phenomenon is called the universal Law of Attraction. A Law created for all of us. A way of using universal energy in a certain way, as I called it; the Light between us. We are all powerful beings who have the simple capacity of sending out energy in the form of questions in to our universal energy and receiving answers by the same energy between you and me. To translate this phenomenon in the Light of my questions about the catholic church meant that I received the same answers while I was a child watching people arguing. I could tell the content of their subjects, whether someone was dishonest or not. But 6 years ago, in 2010 I got the see much more about this abilities we all can restore. I was so amazed about talking to God, he of she of however you wanna call it, send me Angels. I started to work with Angelic energies and all of a sudden everything made sense about catholic secrets. They were no secrets at all, they were hidden from all of us, so I felt to unveil every bit of it as soon I could start translate my visions. So my answers were intented for all of us. And for the last 6 years I was questioning myself about how I was going to communicate that with the world. And here I am, I have started to write these columns to speak up in the open about my life-story.

Answers about the way catholic church, and many religions trends, started to pile up. Angels were calling my name and when all of this happened I started to get in touch with the Angelic energy of Archangel Michael. Who is as God and whom features as God’s right arm. Just to let you feel his position towards earth. Michael started to let me feel his energy. It is tremendously big and powerful, sometimes I can not oversee his force. It is huge! Beginning 2015 he learned me how to work with his Angelic energy in to the collective universal field and I started to feel how I could manifest with it. Meaning to use it for sake of humanity and world peace. As I am meanly clear cognizant, meaning  I just knew what Michael wanted from me. So I started to tell him my concerns around the hidden forces who are responsible for dominating humanity. Why are we living our lives the way we live them; in a unnatural stressful way? Why did the boy disappear?

Well to be frankly, today there are human oblations performed with ‘pure’ souls(as children, you might still perform it, I don’t) to keep counter force alive. Still today if you attend a catholic mess or funeral you will see the act of oblation, when church is demanding money while you are hold a golden plate against your cheek. A ritual nobody is questioning, but that takes on unwanted negative energy. Such forms of oblation is a daily performance for the vatican. Nobody can enter their domain, it is simple not possible. It is al about secrecy and if you want to become a priest you will have to go through a hard way of suspiciousness instead of living a peaceful way. As a young priest you will have to submit to a system as complicated as our society itself. Didn’t societies all got form by religion a long time ago?  Ex-priests I talked to were leading the life as my visions let me see; a big complicated unexcisting  puzzle of brainwashing. You are supposed to get yourself out if you would like too, cause nobody will free you once in that community of secrets. It is a world within a world. You might know a little to much to get free easily.

Good got out of the vatican corridors again, passed the reception, where the parents from the missing boy were waiting restless for their story who was not to be told. I just looked at them…my visions weren’t as far as now, otherwise I would of told them what I know today. Even though they would’t understand, I would of had to. Like I do today when someone is captured in pain energetically with past live similar stories. That happens by just being present. I use the energy between us to undo people from harsh pains like that. So there is a powerful source in simply being present when you are a high sensitive person, a new age child. Just be in the now remembering we are all connected by that same Light. And that Light erases pain if systems aren’t able to do so.

My next column will follow soon.

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