Manuscript by God: Channel with God for the simple mission of New Age children&adults


Question from God to be completed by me:

‘Open the door to the heavenly kingdom’ (3th of october ’16)


My heavenly father,

As a new age child of yours I was sent by you to earth to teach how to let us see, feel, hear, know, smell clear. So people can become conscious of all senses.



You are letting me also know in this channel that it is only the constitution of planet earth that is capable to make this specific transformation happen. To bring awareness to human beings to learn these skill’s. Other kingdom’s than mother earth are having different capabilities we don’t even know yet as your ways are beyond imagination. Althought we know a lot.

So how immense is your power and your wisdom?

This morning(3rd of october) you have asked me to open my gate to heaven to help bring your lost soul’s back to you. My immediate response was; ‘there are a lot of them father!’. Like the situations that you have already given to me to transform, which I do every day when you are asking me to do so. For example thinking about the animal kingdom who is damaged and is taken care of by franciscus, my guide. But there are also the situations of abuse and betray in religions. All of this I already have sent to your light.

So now you are asking me to open up my own heavenly gate so we have a more direct and even more pure connection? Can you let me know my task to achieve in that?

That is heaven’s respons:

”Let all of the new age children and adults know that they will transform everything from now on to the light that is way out of balance with the world’s necessities. By simply speaking up, to appoint and address things…as simple as it can get! To help realize new age children and adults that their new age power is complete now, there is only to hold faith and trust. It is the path of their lives and that is why they have felt so alone. They couldn’t figure it out why people were doing things so complex, while simplicity is their only vision. Although people receive new age visions as a complex matter, they are ready to take it on. New age children are born with their heads planted in the earth and their feet meet heaven. They live an up side down reality while earth is still the other way around. Still…but changing fast!

Dear new age children/adults please put aside now all of your uncertainty and step in to your divine confidence of what you know, feel, hear, see end smell…basically everything that crosses your path you may transform. Here is a way:

Angels, I ask to transform this (situation/person) fully to god’s light, and so I let go again!




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