Channeled article about women and men(Goddess Isis):


Do we live our romantic life up to the highest vibration? There is more than romance to achieve.

Do we know the extented version of us as a couple? If we open up to embrace the spiritual energy between a woman and man we will understand the essential life force. Wich is far beyond what people understand today.

Out of my experience I’d like to leave this behind:

“Throughout my claircognizant conversations with Goddesses of all parts of our world I got to know the deeper synergy between a female and a male. We can all relate to a level of fysical interaction between male and female, but today we are not looking at those two genders anymore. We are choosing our love on a soul level. A male person is falling for another male and so on. And it has always been like that if we were able to allow and act upon our heartbased intuition. The deeper connection isn’t formed by our bodily appearence, unless we are living a karmic and destructive relationship where the heart must go wrong.

Once we commit to find a soulmate we shall find ourselves resonanting on a level of God-energy that is carried by Goddesses who are carrying Mother Earth’s female vibration. It is the excact same energy Earth is created with. In such a soul connection you are, as a man and woman, thriving on a level of understanding that has way bigger importance in terms of respect. It is serving for a universal purpose!

Woww that is complicated! Is it? Or is it very simple?

Let me introduce you to the egyptian Goddess Isis. She used her force(at that time still vibrating so high energetically people could deport matter) to bring her husband Osiris back to life through reincarnation by gathering his murdered bodypart’s for mummification so they could be offered to the light for energy-transmutation. She simply knew the importance of bringing his child to life here on Earth and so she did. With this divinely and magical interaction of metafysics Horus their son was born. She knew that was her mission, by using her feminine intuition she could make happen Orisis’ power could come back again on Mother Earth. And we all do have the ability to use our complete intuition. Yesterday a friend died and I know she will be back soon on Earth in that case. We can also travel to any other planet or kingdom.

Isis’ manifestation counts for us women today, if we stick with our intuition next to the man we are given as a soulmate(twinsouls are carrying the hightest energy of wisdom) our sexual life contains a total different aspect of experience; so different we are asked to walk the unpaved path to actually find it’s purpose. Just as Isis did. Each of us women is revealing a unique mission to the universe and such a male partner will recognize his mission through your female energy. There is the cohesion.

Rebirth is properly washed old energy coming back to bring new energy so lifeforce can survive. So it is a natural event people die in unfair situations as long as we don’t read well our divine connection. It is karma that strucks in as a dedication to the light of God. That is why it goes hand in hand, as counterforce protect’s light after all. Only we aren’t supposed to anticipate upon it when it is presented! Seeing it’s message to understand is enought!”


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