There is a reason why there is blue and red, yin and yang basically. Why people vote red or blue. It is how earthly live is created.

Created for the sake to transform. But today transformation in the States has hit down the barrel because cleaning out the closet isn’t about a huge local issue on the spot to be cleaned out. No it is all about a major global service towards worldpeace. Not neaded to led by anyone. A great leader will have to inspire to make people aware of their own leadership.
Red represents counterforce that has struck down hard to force the transformation in to the blue light as the carrier for peace.

 As AE Michael(blue)is the protector of counterforce and carrier of the blue light. It is all about a hand shake between the two parties and it is not happening yet unfortunately! Nor Clinton, nor Trump succeeded to melt down by outing they are carrying the excact same light looking in to each others eyes! Cause that’s what it is all about!
So we have seen a tip of the vail for beloved brothers and sisters, the voters, getting on their way for wisdom. In wich they need to do it that way as everybody is on their path of learning how to feel and live wisdom. At the end an a-political sense of being will remain!

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