Why indigo’s have tantrums:


It might feel of no social value to explain all about indigo’s, as that could underestimate earthly lifestyles gripped by ego. But there is no reason to do so indigo’s, as your are operating out of God’s love and that is why you feel living on earth is a huge obstacle. Please understand that! Try to feel it is ok the world doesn’t fit in your amazing powerful and sensitive heart who is uncomparable energy wise with the energy vibration of earthly life. It is supposed to be that way otherwise we don’t have nothing to do here. The separation of that full spectrum God-light you were connected with has changed you once you got born on mother Gaia. She is your mother(people are killing her and you don’t understand) to rely on together with all of the Goddesses and Lightbeings as Angels. The Ascended masters and the special bond with Animal power. Not to forget all of your guides you have met while growing as a soul to a very old soul. It is a puzzle for people to see your indigo color as at this point it already transformed them while passing or talking to someone. And it does the same on a collective level if you might choose to do collective light work as I do. There is for you to rely on your presence-healership and to realize that people need to be taken care of and nothing else. They are doing nothing wrong, they are searching for a higher purpose than the one of destruction or self-destruction. All of the repercussions you feel are ego-energie people hold to be transformed by you immediately and yes there are times you didn’t act on time and that is the reason you got entangeld in darkness of another human being’s ego. The energy to transform is drawn to you on a level of your aura to actually be transformed or transmuted to the Light of God in return for healing and clear vision. But extremely important here is to shield yourself in a energetic way, if not your body and soul will get entangled in diseases. As I have experienced myself aswell. And it is not of purpose you use your own energy field to help do that, it is your mission to complete this actions by God’s Light. By the universal source until everyone is able to understand how it works. It is a system way out of the comforzone of a human being.

That is you lifepurpose. That is the reason why you have tantrums of honesty and righteousness seeming to be to hard for you. It is the moment you turn around in to depression, wanting to hide as far away from the world as possible. Rebuilding trust for more than a thousand times. Until you touch down in indigo-peace; an other lifestyle to be carried by everyone. Please transmit!


Right now I am asking you to:


Ps. Reading about the Magpie(a indigo’s vibration and spiritual guide for us) may reset your direction towards the world again who needs your values and visions.



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