Important message and channel: USA today(13 jan’17)

How clear can it be if a president elect is attacking the press, in defense?

How clear can it be if we know meanwhile, when a given answer or a statement isn’t an extension of Mr. Trump’s fears(it you are fearless there is no need to attack when speaking up), it will not be possible within this temperary attempt to shine in narcissism? Isn’t all of that because it is a very painfull situation for Mr. Trump to hold on to and to keep up a charismatic seduction? (This is proven by the needs and pains within narcissism)

All of that made me do it…channeling along with you and my universe for world peace instead of letting ego survive the old way. Pureness and authenticity running up front. I personally don’t think Mr. Trump is going to be the president of the United States of America.


Dear Archangel Michael,

I am asking you to prepare your Goddesses Isis, Sekhmet and Persephone

Goddess Persephone at the top of Capitol building Washington DC, USA

(standing on top of Capitol Hill in Washington DC) to transform anything that holds back peace. As a matter a fact we have to carry now global and social responsibility as humans, in respect and power of the Self as we have been creating the pop-up of the ego-platform for too long time now, and it is simply not working. Clearly appearing now in the USA today. All of this because we didn’t contribute to take responsibility when people started to immigrate all over the world, especially from other areas than the western world. Not accepting those people and not welcoming them doesn’t stem with karmic processes. Those people who are damaged because of wars white men put upon their lives in other life-times are the exact people that are emotional damaged now, so they became the terrorist today if you are prepared to see through the vail of reincarnation. Fighting them will not make solutions to stop the karmic proces and stop terror. It will simply not help unless we ask Archangel Michael to cut etheric energy cords that are formed between enemies and victims that holds the cause and the start of war and torture back in history.

To fight with swords of Light this time! To enlighten the establisment will fix the matrix of global energy we actually belong to!


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