Forgive your parents (to feel free)

You can forgive your parent(s), but there is a chance you won’t trust them again. 

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Out of my own experience, I quote from the book I am writing;
“It took a very long time for me before confusion could make place for forgiveness. Here is one incident in where my father dragged me through his ego. In his perception there was only one way to get his things done and that was by playing power games with me.”
I forgave him by letting go of the expectations I had from him being a real dad for me. This way I could go on. Even though this process took many many years for me to realize I was receiving important life lessons instead, no matter how painfull they were. Cause your life experiences have everything to do with your life purpose. Why you are here! 
Letting go of frustrations at the end brings you the joy of performing your unique life purpose. 

Doreen virtue says: ‘Even more, frustrations are signs that you need to make positive and healthfull changes, so you listen to them as the teachers they are.’

As a child it can be very difficult, but remember it happened then instead of now. So you were ready to deal with it, to built your intelligence and wisdom. You only receive what you can handle!! A global example is Malala who suffered at a young age from a terible terror attact. Now she is much futher than many of the people to bring her message to the world. 

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