Important message: About the current high vibrational collective energy


onzelieveheersbeestjeIf you are suffering this very moment from thyroid problems, experiencing extreme tiredness out of the blue, it could be that you are ascending in to the new universal collective energy that our universe is lifting itself upon. An energy that is demanding us for assistance to help heal, within our own expertise, in this current flow that is presented to us. Meaning we need to get used and adapt ourselves to it’s level if we feel these symptoms. It is a flow out there that is healing the human race and wich is created by energies of living species as humans thriving already high in our collective field for the last 10 years. Those people were attracting this frequency by a deeper faith in manifesting with the collective universal power of higher energies.

We will have to let it in in our own bodily system and that is quite challenging. At the same time this situation is asking you to embrace this adaptation so you can gradually behave in it’s new frequency. It is not a small thing, but it will be alright. Have faith that you are able to handle this otherwise you wouldn’t of felt it in the first place! And you wouldn’t be reading this article.
Important here is your responsibility in taking extra good care of yourself. A good and full support of your family is crucial to be able to carry this, to look at this event by embracing the situation, by accepting your fatigue for a greater good( including yourself). Communicating to the outer world that you are suffering a fatigue that will need time to get adjusted is enough. I advised myself as I felt to start taking magnesium citrate orally and bathing in magnesium dead sea salt at least three times a week for minimum 20 minutes. I also started to take extra thyroid hormones(you can do a blood check).

Metaphysical approach

For those who want, we can translate this article in a metaphysical approah: it is about the energy of Jesus… (I don’t name Jesus as ‘christ’ because I perceive ‘this energy of the cross(=christ)’ as a very low vibration. If you’d ask me I do feel it is making us rather sick than healed)…that is now ascending from the old for the sake of growth for the human race, being able to finally lifting of from old belief systems. The energy of ‘christ’ is created at the first place by the vatican, and has everything and nothing to do with Jesus’ point of view or visions. Eventually all of the old will be lifted and we will see that it was we ourselves that were powerful in the first place. You can say in effect, the way Jesus showed us.

This vibrational happening is very confusing for people, so that means people may misinterpret visions of Jesus as a sign to go to church again or reading the bible again.

You can do this!


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