Who are you?

This article is about your soul.

It is a message from me to you.

It seems to be so complicated for a human being to understand that everyone has a soul with a purpose. An evolving soul that is not stagnant by anything but the mind. That soul has a important content en is somebody!

copyright photo: wildfrock.com

The soul renews and renews, so there is only a huge question behind my writing here:

  • Who are you? Are you the soul of Jesus or mother Mary or any other evolved person walking here on Earth you might feel.

I am not asking you to tell anyone(that wouldn’t be a good idea) who you are, I am just asking you to start manifest with that power of your own soul. Getting her aware of its hidden realms and putting this strength towards the need mother Earth is in.

Please start to manifest!

Thank you for taking this in to consideration.




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