Indigo’s are thriving together in the indigo-matrix that puts an indigo blue colored light around the earth to protect everything that is in it. Dear one please stop bringing up the christ-energy, it has nothing to do with healing and is custom made out of an old fear vow, coming from ego believingblauweaarde

It’s about keeping the soul of jezus free, stopping to pour this lower frequencies on to it and to start to feel that the word christ is formed(in that the symbol of the cross) by fear and damage. Collectively formed by the people who created religion. It didn’t come from a place of love. 

We must heal now by light and not by christ-energy(it gets us sick and did for ages) by changing it’s word and symbols. Stopping to follow a cult…although we maybe not knowing conscious enough how to bring forward each one of us’ true power. The power of the soul, connected and passed the boundary of any symbol. 


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