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Compassion & Ego; two twisted fenomena

I’ll try to bring these fenomena to a clear place today after I have been searching for too many times trying to understand the effect of both Ego & Compassion the last 20 years. First of all ego is a … Lees verder

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A personal indigo-flash:

We have an Earth to walk on for free, so please leave any democratic value away from me as I still must pay for doing so. In my eyes it’s a great crime and violation of the human kind(even though … Lees verder

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Indigo’s and Challenges: Q&A

1/ Are you feeling it is you against the world? This feeling comes from the fact an indigo’s energy frequency is not easily hold compatible with many people living on Earth(5th energy dimension). The gap can be 7 dimensions of … Lees verder

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Indigo’s and Challenges: Questions(1)

Questions:  (Answers follow soon) – Are you feeling it is you against the world? – Are you feeling that the world is doing things without enough consciousness? – Are you feeling you simply cannot agree, things feel unfair? – Are … Lees verder

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Indigo nieuwsflash: Rusland/Amerika

Rusland met goud bezaaid (bron: Het gebeurt niet zo vaak dat blokken goud uitgestrooid worden boven een gebied, in dit geval in Rusland. Dat interpreteer ik als het fysiek strooien van gouden Licht, een meest hoge vibratie van liefde. … Lees verder

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Indigo’s & challenges:

Indigo’s & challenges wordt een vast gegeven op deze blog en social media omdat ik weet hoe intens het leven kan zijn voor een indigo-ziel en de specifieke energie dat de indigo-ziel draagt. Ik zal nog heel veel schrijven over deze … Lees verder

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The way energy around you is in charge of you; or are you in charge of the energy?:

Most of us humans think they are powerless because things just happen. So unconscious about how powerful each of us really is, thinking we can not change its course! In other words everything ‘that happens to us just happens’ is … Lees verder

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