The way energy around you is in charge of you; or are you in charge of the energy?:

Most of us humans think they are powerless because things just happen. So unconscious about how powerful each of us really is, thinking we can not change its course! In other words everything ‘that happens to us just happens’ is more of a myth, reality differs quite a bit. Now if we are more aware of the open space around and between us, the energy between us can be cleared, can be transformed so we are free of negative between us

An example: you have put your opinion out there and others can not approve it, even more there is resentment and hatred. You can feel your body is responding cause it feels attacked. Your being is attacked on many levels of your excistance(emotional, mental, fysical, karmic). You might shake, feel your stomach contract. That experience of energy flowing through you might let you run away cause you feel justice has not been done. The primal condition that shows(a God-consciousness), cause we are here on Earth to always speak our truth.
If justice is not done in one of our interactions we will be asked by the collective and universal energy around us to change the energy around us so we protect our own energy. We are asked for it through this intuitive reaction we just felt, but most of us don’t follow or pick up this common sense of survival; the divine connection we all have but mainly lost. It is more than a flight/fight reaction, it is a constant presence, sometimes clear sometime shallow. The more we learn to react to it the more we are in tune with our intuitive development.
Why is that necessary and a skill to have trained?

Well if you have affected people by a certain genuine outing people who aren’t ready yet for the high energy vibration that the outing is carrying, they attack you energywise(the knot in your stomach f.e.). At that point you will have to get to know(train yourself)that this negative ego-energy is coming from a place of darkness(f.e. from out of a childhood pain or other defensive strategy of the other(s)). Even though that person is at a distance(other side of the world) from you,  his/her energy can enter yours by others around you who carry the same sort of resonating negative energy. It is actually brought to you, passed on, by these lower energy waves(counterforce). If you are getting conscious of that process you are safe. Or you can make yourself safe. No getting seduced anymore by people or situations that are only seemingly appealing but not in tune with your intuition. It is not always crystal clear, but one thing is clear and that are the diseases we allow by these energies. Sometimes people are suffering for years when they don’t become clean of unwanted energies. Especially our thoughts can be held hostage for to many time.

What to do?
Asap you can call in positive energy…(even though you don’t want or can’t or feel stucked, too sick,… as negative energy has enthralled you) …to surround your being with positive vibes as profound as you can. Seeing others who can fill you up with happy energy, but in harsh cases you must apply some professional energywork. You can see a energetic healer(we need more than 1 person than a doctor to be able to get healed), or you can work you yourself with the positive energy to be found in that same energy field around you I described earlier. The universal field is filled in its positive side with Angels, Unicors, Ascended Masters and one or more of your Guides(team). Choosing for white energy instead of black is a life changing and transforming experience. And it is not an easy task of self-love, so forgive yourself it you haven’t succeed yet…just don’t give up! Counterforces let you feel your are the one always doubting, in low self esteem,…you are the one that is thinking twisted. That is the illusion of negative procedures and actions.

By googling about energy work and so you can already find a lot of information in how we actual function as a …spiritual being=a being that is more evolved than we maybe know of. Hitting that way we will really get to know ourselves and others. Even stronger it is the only powerful way to peace. And yes a compassionate action does aswell mean it regularly transforms energies by letting the world know what you think if it resonate to do so!!! But you can do everything always the energetic way, it is always there and has always been! Listen to your intuition.


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