Indigo’s and Challenges: Q&A

answers I&C-instagram1/ Are you feeling it is you against the world?

  • This feeling comes from the fact an indigo’s energy frequency is not easily hold compatible with many people living on Earth(5th energy dimension). The gap can be 7 dimensions of differance as indigo’s can thrive on the 9th dimension(as the white horn unicorns) or even 12th dimensional(as the golden horn unicorns). And the latest development are the indigo’s operating from the 13th dimension. And that alone brings symptoms on a bodily level and can play a role in your emotional and mental state of being in a damaging way. But once we are conscious about it we can solve a lot of the symptoms, not to forget that we are equal but unique. So it is a personal story for each of the indigo-souls, depending on the amount of bipolar(manifestation-energy) energy one is carrying.

2/ Are you feeling the world is doing things without enough consciousness?

  • As an indigo you are dealing in your high sensitive observations with other facts than the facts many people are dealing with, meaning you are always right away dealing with situations in a conscious way cause that is your life purpose to notice so. Situations who are normal for you can be very abnormal for people around you, and vice versa. So you get hurt easily if people avoid or do not understand your sense of divine truth in what ‘must be done’! It feels like you are watching a movie, but you are glad it is a movie, but in reality it does feel very conficting doesn’t it! Once you are conscious enought about the inns and outs of your indigo Light you will start to understand why it is going that way. Many way are yet kept hidden to you because as an indigo you must experience some events to be able to really manifest them away. Knowing how to manifest them away! That will take place until you accept your personal assignment God has provided for you, and that can be a tough puzzle.

3/ Are you feeling you simply cannot agree, things feel unfair?

  • Exactly this sense of righteousness is your talent and your power. Let’s say your are someone with great insight and clear seeing taking care of change in another way than we are used to!! The energetic way!! As long as you are feeling things appear very unfair it means transformation needs to be done! So you will be feeling intuitively to take action upon matters which our world is not yet dealing with because everybody is too distracted to see so, to feel so, to hear so, to know so,…Your divine life purpose will show you, as soon as you are fully knowing how to understand indigo-energy and trust upon it, how to use it on many collective purposes for peace. Hold on and join like-minded people if you feel so. It might be you will stay a loner for some period of time and then again you will join others. It can occur in rapid cycles. It is all counting on how your mood will swing from one situation to another while putting your energy out there to forfill a change.

4/ Are you having trouble with energies of others/situations?

  • All highsensitive people must deal with the fact that lower energies can be harassing and intimidating if we do not take care of our personal energetic field(aura’s clean, protection shields on). To become aware of that influence we must keep our energy level clean and we must do so on a daily basis. There are many energetic cleaning ways to be found on the internet. If you read more about it you will start to feel what resonates with your own level of energy regarding keeping your aura clean. Dealing with situations or people that are sucking your energy in can be dibilitating. Do know that it isn’t your own energy that is feeling low, but most of the times you took on the energy level of the person/situation you dealt with(even if it was a collective manifestation you have performed). It is important to be able to make your energy back to it’s authentic level even more times a day if needed. Doing so never doubt your ability to instant manifest wherever you go!! As soon as you feel drained it means you passed already your high sensitive level of transmitting energy. Can you imagining when performing it in a well protected way?! Cause with what goes out as clean energy you have unwanted energies coming in! We have to be aware of that fact more than every other human being!!!

5/ Are animals the ones communicating clearly?

  • It is a common fact indigo’s are dealing easily with the energies animals and plants are holding simply because the ego is missing. Most people say animals can have ego’s too, but that isn’t entirely true. An animal is working with a different time-schedule, in other words they deal with the now. But people aren’t already familiar with that so the animals are mirorring very easy their energy and they can get as nasty as the person involved carrying his or her ego-energy(think about dogs that bite). Not yet have most people understood the fact that the animal realm run a different course, but indigo’s do get that picture.

I have answered quite briefly on these questions, If you have any questions about Indigo’s and their challenges please do ask them below(so everybody can read them) or join my blog for more articles I write.

Love, Michèle

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