Compassion & Ego; two twisted fenomena

I’ll try to bring these fenomena to a clear place today after I have been searching for too many times trying to understand the effect of both Ego & Compassion the last 20 years.

First of all ego is a created belief of being to manipulate honesty. We’ve become so integrated with it we hardly can pass half a day without. We can go back in lifetimes to delve deep in it’s excistence and how it all started, but a better choice is that we can agree for ourselves it is not getting us to the point we want to be: free. It seems hard to eliminate ego for the simple reason we are still believing we will not be safe nor heard if we approach a situation in a positive way. Look at our world, people stopped to trust another human being, walking passed each other not even daring to blink. So what has happened along the way of our excistence. It’s a shame! 

The ‘buts’

‘Well we must pay attention with who we are dealing with!’: I hear many among us saying. Let’s keep it that way, let’s be fearfull, look what it has brought us!

If you are nice in your energy it is indeed not enough. Here’s the blank space: we really can not forget to respect ourselves first, it is very simple…in a world full of ego we are attracting good and positive energy if we are showing ‘how we take care of ourselves’!! It isn’t about only being compassionate on it’s own, at least that was f.e. not even Jesus’ message. Unfortunately we are letting this association alive and that is why it goes so slow to heal our planet. Leaning on others, while others inspire us to lean on our self-love. Taking it as self mastery, not talking about egoism. Egoism is a harsh way of claiming attention for ourself. But daring to mirror yourself is the way to grow in self love, giving yourself the best of growth and it’s lessons of ascention! In such a way that you enforce that amount of respect someone else can start to feel to opening up. That way someone gained trust in your sense of honesty you are having with your own personal being. In my believe that is the compassion Jesus has pourred out over us. Only the ego(as relegion), and nothing else, has reformed it in to an overall compassion for too long, letting the self aside for the sake of helping others. Sorry but that kind of overall compassion has been destroying people’s growth processes, and that happened by several beliefsystems.

Question: Is the christ-energy as pure as the energy of Jesus himself? The man after all…I mean I don’t believe he would of spread the word of God out loud knowing ego was as destructive as it was. He was wise enought to use God’s power in other ways, the thing is that he was in a human body among humans, everyday being wise in a (belief)system that wasn’t ready for such powerful impact. It is his death that became fruitive, and yet as death is just another illusion of the ego brain…it didn’t matter. He knew what we didn’t know at the time.

Believing is not a system, it is a very natural flow of the free will choice in how to agree with your own soul that is connected to all source while recieving it’s messages, insights and visions. We don’t need to worship, we are all of us source itself. Respect is enough, so respecting each other in a self loving way(nothing to see with egoism) is enough as we all carry the same Light-energy. It is again remembering we are communicating, if ego is off, through the same Light in between us, witch we. all will start to recall now.

We are all born with a natural sense of enlightenment, supposed to grow through it. But now we are on earth because we don’t manage that fact: to learn how to live, not to work. All of the stories been told can be revisited and envisioned by your interpretation…that is what it’s all about! In a much more constructive way! Fair enough that it contains a twist of transformational quality to help mankind getting over ego in a realistic compassionate way. Guess we must re-invent better words for many terms we use now, to undo them from it’s old energy. Like ‘ego’ and ‘compassion’.


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