You baby makes the choice

It’s the other way around; as a baby soul we choose our parents out of free will choice. There’s a ‘universal law of Free Will Choice’ we must pass as a spirit so your personal longing to descend to earth is guaranteed from your own pureness of your soul. Entirely
your soul
Does that make sense now in how your life has been fared so far?
You are coming from another synchronicity before ascending to earth so here the point of being given the possibility of working through karma. And you do choose to undo karmic influence!
And with that lies the freedom of responsibility no matter how difficult your choice has become in the now. In this life(while everything runs in synchronicity, at the same time, always).
Take charge to overcome your choice of complaint if this life is challenged and see the deeper meaning of initiation to that aspect. Freedom on earth is much more than we know nowadays. It is the process of any choice that makes you see clearer and clearer so you can ascend again to a next level of realization: the self that holds others codes of freedom than mirrored here on earth. So freedom lies within reach, for all of us!!
That is your life purpose!
The second step is what do you do with that code of freedom so others get inspired to do so aswell!
Thank you for sharing your intuition on this…so we can proceed to the next level by each others wisdom…
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