Ego is strong:(CALL FOR MANIFESTATION to prevent flooding)

Lots of people right now are having the same egoistic experience as during a sexual intercourse. Not knowing what it is meant for, not even realizing the degree ego is burdening our self-esteem. The exact same thing is for a lot of us happening with our climat and yes it is a collective and universal responsability even though you haven’t seen it this way!

We cannot afford placing it far away from ourselves, saying mother nature is strong enough to keep us sheltered. My visions I get aren’t showing it to me this way, nature is affected by ego. Like a tree attacked by a disease.

If you live in a dry area right now you have to do the lightwork simply by keeping your thoughts positive. Many of us don’t see it cause they are living an illusion, carried away by our ego. That our sun right now is so nicely warm and comforting…

It is sad watching right now happiness comes from that point of view as an old habit. It is our time Europe, not India, not Somali, the hot climat we are creating is now all over Europe.

How it goes?

Being happy for the warmth instead of realizing how a country like India f.e. is suffering from its climat is selfish. Are you aware of that before you fall asleep?

Are you aware it is coming from a place that is called your ego? And its energy?

We must take responsability in making it green again. We can talk about Trump but dearest European friends its time to see clear what the dry weather is experiencing by the impact of your ego, our  collective and damaging ego. And that counts for more parts of our world. If not yet damaging every part of our world for a long time. Well the result of that: flooding. The foodings in Japan resently were unfortenately a example yet.

Please don’t show up with sayings as ‘we’ve been there before’, well before has been worked energetically by hardworking lichtworkers at that time. Many of us are comforting theirselves by not thinking for the good of everyone, adoring that sun we maybe don’t always get here so easily. I live in The Netherlands.

Where do you live, are you aware in how to manifest stability and harmony in that? It is by letting go of your ego and stay positive for at least 24 hours! Cause we need more light!!


The grass is not supposed to be dried out, Egypt(f.e.)has been a green place when it lived at its highest manifestation power at the time! With the result of a very green oasis of abundance. But ego took over our beautiful planet and it still is. Stop posting so fast your short-sighted messages that are only affecting attention, but delve deeper this time. Start thinking in your own highest good and manifest in an energetic way what is needed right now for every each of us. Wake up and carry your leadership and self-mastery high! Cause we are all ONE! Your are not gonna get away with it! Simply not.

I mean you must put yourself to a much higher prospective🙏, staying away from the drama.

I thank you very very much!!


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