Collective energy(3aug18)

Lightworker’s bubble: ‘switched-off’

(I am a not wanting to be a perfect being, so I make typing and other mistakes, time’s up for perfectionism, it time to live😀…guess you’ll understand the article).

(Channeled with the other part of Archangel Michael; the furious part that is very transformational).


We are powerful people, ALL of us! And we shouldn’t be afraid of connecting with each other! Because we have a primar lifepurpose of remembering our original state of being. And that is connecting and witdrawal needs to be balanced! Not to much of our feminine side, not to much of our masculine side. A balanced yin and yang energy. Not in a bubble dealing with the same people on a daily basis that are not transistioning our life.


Today, in the very energy of today there is a flow of fear ruling on mother earth. It tries to hold on to pain and old values everyone’s ego is dealing with. It is doing so as a result of not being able to “receive” and that impacts our climat more than most people are aware of.

As an Angel I can not change that, it’s your call. There is a Law of Free Will to be respected.

Not being able to receive is one part of our ego-system we are holding on to, not talking about the other aspects of our ego. For now I focus on the collective lack of ‘receiving’.

When we people are living out of a modus to receive we are scared of being remembered of old vows or feel the impact of trauma. But most of all we are told growing up to protect ourselves very well from harshness: it is very much damaging us if we do cause that very negative part of our ego is actually sending out first the fear in return to receive the harshness. Being afraid your sensitivity will be taken away from you. When we are putting harsh energy in observation we will experience what it is without entering it.

So today, we need ALL of us lightworkers to reach out from a place of wisdom. Not from a place of staying away in a safe bubble. That way you are not opening your soul for every aspect that crosses your world, cause lightworking is observing more than we all do usually. We must see the light in everyone to be able to have someone’s fear changed in to understanding. Why still sick, scared, lying, feeling guilty?

Why wouldn’t you be safe?

Reconsider you strenght and your power; Are those values still connected with your spiritual involvement? Or is it your giving that is causing the damage regarding self love? Are you living in a box holding on to what you have is the most safe place while you are suffering some dis-ease?

Channeled with the other part of Archangel Michael; the furious part that is very transformational.

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