What an attitude!

Lightworkers, I wake you up!…No more bubbles please!

An example out of all the situations I encountered. I was blown away. Again a lightworker’s shortcoming out of an ego vibe. Not an example if you ask me. I finally feel the urge to write about it.

Some of the lightworkers are forgetting how to treat clients or people who asked for help over the years in one line, forgetting to separate friendship and mastership. Good I’ve learned what it means to see situations on a distance immediately, and yet I am not perfect, but at least I know when hurt is done. I always ask if someone is ok if I doubt my actions. However I feel to write about it now, as I was sorry for this situation to happen. I think it is nice to bring this subject to light, it isn’t ok.

In a fact recently a lightworker I appreciated much came along and blew her ego right through my ideas by using whatsapp. I mentioned a few times; ”call me whenever you are ready cause the energy is going to fast, it doesn’t feel right”. I no longer heard something back. It’s a pity people don’t seem to walk their talk when something goes wrong. Of course I know highsensitivity is sometimes hard on us but at least when you are a client who spends quite a bit of money on products there, I guess I deserve to be treated appropiate and professional. I just felt at a distance a lot of judgement was done cause I could sense it. I felt she was lying and making excuses, hiding away. It’s ok for me, but it is not ok for the sake of lightwork.


Connecting with everyone

It makes me sad to observe Lightworkers not being able to connect with people who don’t resonate rightaway! Did you really think folks you would inspire the world living in a bubble? As an indigo soul I know when drama of the ego is involved as I see now to many cases playing around me, so I thought it is time to write this here. You can show mé dear ones your fear, but don’t show that example to everybody else who are in need of guidance. Trust your highsensitivity and see its strenght! Don’t hide. Please don’t.

Because people’s dimensions are on a different level it doesn’t mean you can exclude people’s authenticity. You are save if your needs are met by performing your work in a assertive way. Always. If people are disrespectful you must love yourself first of course. We all are sensitive people after all, please don’t exclude! Why would you be scared if you know your power?

Sorry to say so but we must stop the disbelieve of being apart from one another. If you are scared of the lower ego than you are scared of your own power. Scared to see your power transforming anything. Whether you work with Angels, from a shaman perspective, anything.

Be honest in all your actions…organize your shit and show your true essence. Forgive yourselves if you were wrong. Cause we need to connect and work together in these fast changing times…why do I have to experience such an ego lightworkers through the last several cases?! Please get yourselves together and shine. I guess it was to be able to write about it!

Always connect the world, don’t dislect it because you were hurt. We were all hurt to empower, not to hide or run.



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