HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Here it is, the Holy Isle report !!!

It is 24 th of September and I am more than one week home from Scotland. It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’). If you feel to join this group, pls. send me a PM on facebook(https://www.facebook.com/michele.quaegebeur.9 ).

So everybody who felt to come along to join in at a distance while I was in Scotland could join. The intention of the meditation was for everyone to receive an initiation in communicating more clearly with animals(domesticated and wild), to actually learn to work by with the angelic energy of Archangel Phelyai. An Archangel that is occupied to protect the animals and to heal them. But when I tuned in more and more, still in Holland, to Holy Isle (away from the coast of the stunning Isle of Arran) I felt there was something wrong. So doing it in a through a group setting from a distance didn’t match anymore. It was a matter to fix something that was requested, a deeper insight in to the situation was priority. So my husband and me decided to set up a ‘manifestation’ to join the callings of the higher realms. To repair the island’s energy and that of Archangel Phelyai! The last was strangely enough!

From today on I will be sharing once a week the process it took to go over there, to observe and to take action. I’m keeping it that way even a little excited by sharing it part by part, photo by photo. That’s the way I feel doing it. Even though I have done the manifestion over a periode of 4 hours on a sunny day, at once.

Photo’s Part One:

paarden schotland

I am actually right now enjoying to start knowing and working with the energy of Archangel Phelyai that came along within our energy since the meditation held over there(that’s why I could not immediately start to share it here).

I must say His RENEWED energy!

I am adapting to it by slowly bringing it to the horses(and other animals) that are responding to it. So I am awaiting for them to show up each time I will enter a stable the coming weeks. (picture above)The first horses I encountered during my drive in Scotland’s beautifull countryside where excited and ran from a space far away in threesome to where I was standing at the gate of their prairie. Wow!

So What happened?!

A lot happened! After my gut feeling told me there was a kind of emptyness before seeing the Island in real time…an undiscriveble emptiness in fact took over my intuition. I have even doubted if had to go there cause something was off. But I knew counterforce could be the reason of it, or something was really off.

Once I got there I saw an island quite in the dark, her light and energy was dusky and it felt as no Archangel Phelyai was residing there, let alone living there. Once my husband and I set up our grid of stones on the beach across, from upon the Isle of Arran, we did feel connection was starting up. At last minute we decided to hold the ritual from Arran and not from upon Holy Isle itself. So we didn’t take the little boat to cross over the water. That’s the way it felt, and sure it did feel right! In this photo you can see how Holy Isle appears at the back and the gems in the grid up front. The Island only looks small(because of it’s missing energy), but that is only how it appears on photo at the time of it’s state of being before the manifestation. Here you can see a photo with the dusky light.

How to from a grid?

It is a complete intuitive procedure. I took along almost all my gems I had from home and felt, my husband is good in it, wich one to give it’s personal intention for this manifestation. Every stone is getting loads of new energy once it is manifesting toward it’s fullest potention. It is almost like your hands are guiding them were to be positioned.

Holy Island was responding to it.

Stay tuned in for Part 2.












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