Holy Isle – part 2

Here it is, the Holy Isle final report – PART 2

What is it? A little reminder

It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’) so Lightworkers that could join these meditations.

In the first place it were the horses I am seeing as a horse whisperer who called me to go to Scotland, to Holy Isle. To actually fix and open an important vortex for the animals so they can get back to their authentic power on earth and above. So everybody who felt to come along to join in from a distance, while I was in Scotland, could join. The intention of the meditation was for everyone to receive an initiation in communicating more clearly with animals(domesticated and wild), to learn to work with them through the angelic energy of Archangel Phelyai. An Archangel that is occupied to protect the animals and to heal them.

But when I tuned in more and more, still in Holland, to Holy Isle, I felt there was something wrong. So doing it in a group setting from a distance didn’t match anymore. It was a matter of first fixing something that was requested by the Angelic realm. So a deeper insight in to the situation was a priority.

At that point my husband and me decided to set up a ‘manifestation’ together to join the callings of the higher realms just the two of us. That way we were able to repair the island’s energy and that of Archangel Fhelyai! The last was strangely enough unusual! As I always thought the Angels didn’t have any issues to break through a situation. So AE Fh. did need our commitment to fix an eartly energy power place. That was very interesting.

To go to PART 1: HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Photo’s Part two:


An empty island

Right now, back in Holland, I have started my healings together with Archangel Fhelyai and enjoying to start knowing and working with this Archangel. He came along within our energy since the meditation held on Holy Island.

I must say His ‘RENEWED’ energy!

What happened after connecting with the island through the crystal grid we made?!

When I got there I saw an island quite in the dark, her light and energy was dusky and it felt as empty. But once the leyline*(see info below) was picked up by the crystal grid Angels must of formed the connection that made the island change from dusky to sunny. The sky above cleared out and we could feel Archangel Fhelyai answering with the following message;

‘I was banned from my refuse’; AE Fhelyai said. The only spot on the island that was inhabited was a buddhist center. My husband felt the energy of the buddhist center wasn’t resonating with the energy of AE Fhelyai’s energy and the island’s energy.

After Holy Island responded it was released and relieved, we saw the AE taking back His place slowly. Holy Isle is His. After waiting for this process to be done we started to feel a re-connected and re-newed energy. We could slowly take away our grid, but we felt we must find a space for thanking this very special and powerful achievement. So we walked on along the water and have put a little peace-stone-construction(see photo below) as we were filled with joy and happiness. WE COULD FEEL THE ANIMAL KINGDOM GETTING BACK THEIR POWER! AND THAT IS WHAT NEEDED TO HAPPEN!

Although our work is only the beginning of saving lots of animals and especially the animal-people connection. To restore it! Animals at the moment do understand people more and better than people do understand the animals.


(*More about Leylines go to: Ley lines )

And the magic of it all was when we were surprised by a swan-family. I have never seen in my life and animal making a bow. But these swans did…they were thanking us for our work and in a fact in name of the whole animal kingdom. I didn’t know what to do with my happiness…I just simply received it all! Click on picture too read more:

Swans making a bow
Swans giving thanks, sharing joy(PURE LOVE)
An animal’s power of goodby



Question to the universe:

”Is the petition I am currently holding(New rules Equestrian Sports) still a strong factor I must derive my attention to? Or may I pass on completely to the higher Light to achieve everything much faster and steadier?”

It is 23rd of June 2019 now: I can tell the answer was revealed a couple of month’s ago that the petition is received by higher light.

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