Manifesting psychiatry: ‘Dis-ease for life purpose recovery’

If we victimize disease we are not wanting to be corrected nor embracing the amazing task counterforce is bringing. It is not purpose to go along with its pushes and pulls cause you are only called (finally) to become a psychic reader by holding earth and heaven between your own hands. To bring both yin and yang energy to the places in your auric system that are under attack of karmic involment that you performed in other lifetimes. Not to forget there are no past nor future lifetimes, synchronicity is holding you responsible to heal yourself in the here and now, not believing anymore you were ever damaged. Healers helping you lare only they have no control over disease’s power, no matter how awful you feel. You must follow the pace of your entire body; its mind, emotions, physical state and karmic signalization at an acceptabel therapeutic rhythm and any intuitive rhythm asking what it is dying to say. Not going fast nor going to slow, listening to embrace each pain so you can guide it to releasement and enlightment.

In psychiatry

In psychiatric settings we are to accept that stability can come from knowing you have been damaged(you allowed it) for many incarnations and endured heavy initiations. Most of the times because you are a very old soul, releasing psychiatric karmic wounds. That is what psychiatry is about. That means your life purpose can not bloom to it fullest if you are not able to “ground” yourself. This must be your daily concern and life long discipline to get back in tune with your body and mind. This way you really can fulfill your life purpose, but you must pass by the messages your dis-ease is revealing to you as they have a crucial value for your purpose here on earth(even if it means you need to be supported by medicines).

An experienced expert,


Photo by Issam Hammoudi on Unsplash

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