Love/Romance/Sexual energy

”Purpose and healing of the 3 above words toward higher love between 2 people and the universe… it’s a call, a final call for humanity to understand the real purpose of sexual intercourse; it has a collective goal to heal our planet and to keep her strong for ever”

Romance and Sexual energy

Romance is the life force of the universe, supporting the ‘why’ we create sexual energy from it. While sexual energy is its manifestation power to transport the love to damaged areas or places throughout our world and universe. We can also call it kundalini energy, bipolar energy or psychotic energy. In other words love needs to be carried out on a spiritual level otherwise it’s not on it’s full potential. Otherwise it will rest on a 3rd dimensional, even 5th dimensional level of consciousness. And we are hard in need of that powerful energy for a much bigger purpose of peace! Just imagine how it goes, do you feel you are in need of a more deep resonation while performing the deed; ‘having sex without a purpose is a sad feeling’. 

But did it ever occur to you we need to heal the world with its content, the kundalini, sexual, manifestation energy we can create by ourselves through our divine connection?

Here you can feel it had never anything to do with attraction only…as attraction only is a fatal energy that will bring destructive energy ways in to the human spirit; collective and personal. Even though both sorts, destructive and loving energy, are healing forms. Through karma or through love. Wich one do you choose? Are you enough in tune with self-love to be able to choose love?


Think ”stop!” when a partner has narcissistic ways! It’s counterforce! Stay awake! But still if you need to process such a healing-form you will have to get to understand, and to know, yourself more through it than you did before! Still working through some karmic events. To end up knowing yourself is the only purpose we have here on earth for many reasons. Think about this important one as…working your own divine life purpose, the reason you are born here. And yess it (will) hurt(s) badly if narcissism enters your life! Question every relationship when doubt is appearing, cause when doubt is formed in the very beginning of it, you must be wise! Noticing these red flags, they are not there for nothing. Surely not for love. Don’t fool yourself here. You deserve better dear one! Say no to any suppressed action of another human being. Walk away if you feel insecure everytime when you are together and when you are apart…does that happens constantly? It’s not your energy, it the energy of a very insecure soul trying to bathe in your light, not matter how compassionate you are it will drive you crazy. The compassion is leading back most of the time to that absent parent. These souls are eating your light for a the end a self fulfilling prophecy. It is your own bright strong and most beautifull light that YOU must protect. No one else will and it might be that your parents weren’t able to show you how to love yourself. As that is what the collective narcissistic energy is all about; fighting the Light(the good) if we are not in tune with ourselves to become atuned. How will you ever know and feel it otherwise, in that case a firm mirror needs to bring you back. Appearently wise kind words in making you understand your pain are not entering your feelings no more it had to come at the extend of meeting the narcissist. All of this because we are about to take direction, in preparation toward a higher love, a new way of explaining to ourselves what sexual energy is really about.

I especially wrote this chapter on narcissism, due to my own life-experience with a narcissistic father, to open up your heart again to the self. I have had the realization how counterforce is in interaction with higher love. So if you have arrived at that point you will be questioned by counterforce, everytime you do collective lightwork from a 13the dimentional realm. It’s a protection clause build in by the low of karma until you have done enought manifestations to gaine trust with your actions.

A collective purpose surprisingly (correction of what is already written)

Here we arrived at the dimensional level of twinsouls, these souls are holding their light at the 13th dimension or energy level. Opening up 13 chakra’s already now in 2018. A rather unknown fact that has nothing to do with the commercial approach these days we see in trantra workshops. It is a sacred energy between two people, not the one given unappreciative in group settings in tantra workshop that are undervalued. Led to a path of lack of wisdom, cause we do not need assistance on our spiritual path, we can get all of our information through our intuitive capabilities. As we growing into our 13th dimension level we get the information by ourselves, channelled in a automatic course! In patience and trust. Working with this bipolar energy, we rebuild and recall a full spectrum of rainbow light that we place in the collective field while it re-installs our sexual intercourse on a whole new level. What has been damaged and suppressed by performing narcissistic sexual interaction is healing in both partners, throughout all karmic pain.  

I must point out here that every couple is unique, but let me define it this way…I am talking about the feminine body who needs to learn again how to tune in to our planet, Lady Gaia. Connect with her and manifest with her while the male energy is making the bridge(rainbow light) for the feminine half of the twinsoulship to connect to the powers above. To invoke the Goddess-energies of the femine divine matrix carried by the many layers of Angelic support. It can only happen if the male energy of the twinsoulship is well settled in one’s body so a male-soul is receiving guidance from this Angels how to treat the femine body so the body can spread out sexual energy as healing energy for a very wide purpose to restore collective energy. Here the couple is holding an intention what and where to send their healing and manifestation energy(light). The same way in how a baby receives its mother’s energy, it simple receives it through the body of the mother and after it is born. It about love, not about ‘sex’. That is why I feel to re-name that word;  kundalini energy(yoga world) or bipolar energy(in its full balanced way) or psychotic energy(in its full balanced way). Let’s call it God- energy, as that is what it is.

For questions about the unbalanced ways of these bipolar, psychotic energies thriving on a psychiatric level, feel free to send in these questions aswel. It is a very important subject to open up to the world. I have called it New Age Psychiatry.

By this pure game of brewing, creating this energy a couple can become as one for this very powerful purpose(and here I just written down the real purpose of sexual intercourse). They are performing quite a important lightwork that is of invaluable worth to our dense energies around the globe and above we also create ourselves by believing in ego. To become on that level of manifestation there is needed a mutual wisdom and consciousness to work together in a new respect by twin souls. Twin souls meet each other without you have to do the hunt for finding him or her, it happens divinely guided. Cause at every performance to sending this healing light a couple is guided by all of its Angels and Guardian Angels, and is guided by their  guides in spirit. It’s about combining both powers to one very strong light that will be forced in to the collective intentional cause you both decided to (light)work for. And that is the only reason we need this orgastic energy(kundalini,  psychotic,…) for. A pulse that is triggered by love, not sex. It is functioning as the carrier for distributing it’s seeds of love. The sperm seeds of love, or either to create new life through a physical baby or new souls energetically send to our planet to bring light.

By reading this article you have received enought insight for the start off of the opening of the 13th chakra. So questioning the how to manifest these energies is not necessary. Only trust is key now.

Those souls come back as light emitters. The people you encounter that are on a mission for our planet. Think about Malala or at very dense times we had; Martin Luther King. We also have the whistle blower indigo’s are Snowden. Or a performer as Madonna who is a fierce indigo not giving in her ideas and visions, even if the Vatican is trying to hold her back, her message was already spread.

This wisdom is channelled with the power of the wonderfull Goddesses we know as Pele, Isis, Lakhmi,…and many many more.

(photos: source unknown)

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