Spirit of the age

Indigo-souls are born to speed up the plan of the ego that is still sickening our spirit of the age. They transform people and places with their indigo-light(as pouring it over cities) to checkmate them/area’s with God’s plan. 

Photo by Unsplash

They work together with Archangel Michael(and strong Goddesses who were people in other lifetimes) to do so. They never fear the human ego(as far as an indigo-soul is conscious yet of her/his assigment to cancel, clear, delete counterforce)

Going against that stream is couragious, but never to much if it is to create intuitive power, as our most powerfull tool as humans to become Gods and Goddesses all of us, indigo’s if you want. That way our soul recalls everything he or she needs to heal for the sake of wisdom and peace. Re-installing the world to what it once was; A new Golden Era of Atlantis.

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