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Answer to question: ‘How to let go?’

(Every question I answer I do from my gut feelings, tuning in to the person that is giving the question to me. By the Law of Attraction you might feel drawn to it aswel, in that case the answer can … Lees verder

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Counterfore collective report for indigo’s: 16th Jan. ‘19

16th Jan. ‘19: “A little better than yesterday” As indigo’s we are sweeping away all karmic involment that is crossing our path. While doing that we will have to stay focused to live our truth, ALWAYS. Unwavering. Even when we … Lees verder

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Counterfore collective report for indigo’s:

Yesterday 10th of Jan. ‘19 – an indigo’s challenge (Today on the 11th of Jan. ‘19: A sigh of healing and results of manifestations) When working with indigo-energy there is alot to work through concerning manifestating on an energy level. … Lees verder

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What we don’t consider when we feel drained and nothing seems to cure it:

Along the way to wisdom we have lived by thought-processes formed by our role models whom’s generations weren’t aware of energy levels we can sense in our auric field. Aswel on the emotional, mental and karmic level besides our bodily … Lees verder

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