What we don’t consider when we feel drained and nothing seems to cure it:

Along the way to wisdom we have lived by thought-processes formed by our role models whom’s generations weren’t aware of energy levels we can sense in our auric field. Aswel on the emotional, mental and karmic level besides our bodily level. Our body is only showing there is something wrong, so medical science hasn’t reach complete cures(yet) since there is no complete approach skipping we are a 100% energy. Pushing away what we can’t see with our fysical eye.

And certainly not when we’ve experienced a psychic attack. Although we can heal ‘ourselves’, always.

A psychic attack feels like an overdose of negative energy sucking our being. It means YOU aren’t the one feeling bad, you have only allowed in SOMEONE ELSE’S ENERGY that didn’t resonate with your personal energy needs. In that case you will need to adjust your chakra system and ground yourself again. Of course there are many ways to cure it but it starts with the attacked spot on our body-shield that is operated by our thyroid glant. (In dutch in a fact ‘schild’klier; unconciously named so by medical science and yet everything happens for a reason😉).


Every chakra wheel can manually been turned to the right and left. A simple movement with the hand can do so; turn to close, turn to open. Make a wheel on the chakra -wheel. Feel how far you open or close. In case of a psychic attack you will have to close the inflow of the negative energy that attacked you on the back of your neck from where your thyroid glant is effected by. Together with your 2nd chakra(your safety zone) and your 3rd chakra(just below the navel, your overall power center that is regulating the inflow of your interaction with others. When collapsed both with an attack on the thyroid glant and the 2nd and 3rd chakra we basically feel unprotected by our energetic shield. Same story with our collective shield is the protection of our world, performed by the Ozon layer. There are beautiful articles throughout the internet on healing all of your energy levels. Read what resonates. That also count for animal healing.

The power we own

I hope you can feel that we are one matrix with each other deciding every fraction of a second whether we allow someone in or not. But when it goes by itself and you haven’t daily mastered your protective energy level you might suffer from karmic evolment attacking your energy system. Here you can fix your own power, no doctor will guide you yet but focussing on the body’s symptoms.

And there is one more factor I will talk about later on…we will aswell need to cut the energy cords that are hooking in to our chakra system energetically. Here we will be working with even higher level; a higher dimensional energy frequency than our own.

Finding yourself confused in the middle of a traffic jam in pain, un-earthed and dissociated falling in to psychosis with several of our chakra’s collapsed…is not at all our life purpose. That is the reason psychiatry isn’t coming up with cures, there is no affinity yet there to work our energetic body.

Photo: Alasdair Elmes(by Unsplash)

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