Counterfore collective report for indigo’s:

Yesterday 10th of Jan. ‘19 – an indigo’s challenge

(Today on the 11th of Jan. ‘19:

A sigh of healing and results of manifestations)

When working with indigo-energy there is alot to work through concerning manifestating on an energy level. For the simple reason there is alot going wrong in our world seen and unseen. Not every indigo is yet aware of this clean-up task for renewal, and is now trying to figure out why it is so hard. Being a experienced indigo, I can tell, it remains handling with wisdom every time we are working with the dark. A source as powerful as the light.

The reason is we can get intertwined with counterforce in unforseen and unwanted ways if we do not repair our personal energy household.

Today on the very 10th of January 2019 counterforce energy feels like a reaction on our manifestations we have finished recently. Take inventory of all the actions you might of hold in (un)conscious ways and you’ll remember how busy you were. In what you’ve said, mirrored quietly or by just being. It’s not your fault, indigo’s are constantly swiping away the narcissistic ego of the collective universal energy. Never to forget we are most of the time there by just being and our light is operating 24/24. Isn’t that couragious?

This report learns us we must get through these kind of days as today, by going back in to selflove, fun and relaxing ourselves back to our yin-energy after the indigo-yang-actions we’ve made.

Thank you so much for doing your work indigo, you are loved for it immensely! You might underestemate even how powerfull you are! Now it is time, again and again, to feel this yourself! That you are loved aswel by yourself for doing so dear lov(n)ely warrior!🙏🙋🏻‍♀️

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The feeling of these kind of recovery days only seem exhausting. Now it’s about clean clean clean your energy, rebalance your bipolar(more about this term will follow)energy you have used during manifestation. It’s about reconnecting with your Angels and guides again now. Your fysical friends can enter again when you are ready. Now it’s about your favorite music, being creative and artistic through your hands f.e., move your body(stretching at home or yin-yoga are crucial). Eventually these feelings go away once you decide not forcing to repair your energy, while embracing counterforce for showing you what to do in the dark will make the difference to be a master warrior. Trying to see humans again for the light they are, they aren’t the ego, they grasp themselves to ego in lack of self-respect. You have helped by removing ego…and that causes the attack you receive, a psychic attack. The good work you did for the world pays off when an indigo knows ‘that is the way it goes’; much slower than the fast operational indigo-brain. Pfff what a wait sometimes 😉!

If in need of an indigo friend, please join my meeting group I will soon be announcing in a secret FB-group. A place were you can be save and fierceful at the same time. A group that will be formed naturally with the intention of keeping it small and powerful so we can share and manifest on a high vibrational level working for the world as indigo-warriors. I don’t feel much for FB, that is why I make it secret, but it is the only option I am aware of for now.

Ps. If you want to be invited please contact me through a chat-message(‘pls add me to secret group’)


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