New Age Psychiatry:

Personal story

My own personal story has learned me through actually healing a dis-ease, the disease isn’t a disease at all. It’s been 20 years now that I dealed with the fact I was never going to heal, that I had a disease that I must accept. But I’m an indigo I don’t accept things that easily, I need an explanation on a wise level…but in that case it didn’t come. Science agreed to tell me I was sick. So for many years I felt sick until I could start to feel in 2010 that I needed my bipolar energy itself for a whole different reason. A reason that I could not share yet with science today.

It was about the reason and source/origin of bipolar energy. Called manic depression. To realize that it is healing energy after all.

To make this post as short as possible I will explain my vision on psychiatry in a few sentences starting of with source energy(bipolar energy) that runs through us all. It is the same energy as: (mani)festation energy, narcissistic energy(there is always yang when there is yin), psychotic energy,…In other words an energy that is very fierceful and God-like, but aswel an energy that can be unbalanced. A new term would be indigo-energy.

In psychiatry there are many souls suffering to control their energy household, to the point a doctor is only trying to control it with medicines. But that is not enough, in my own experience I felt that when I can use my manifestation energy by first grounding it I could not only become free of the fact it was kept in my body, I also could start to feel my highsensitivity was in use. It turned out to be more than trying to protect myself from outer unwanted energies.

photo: (via unsplash)

A crucial insight

At the end I started to manifest with my bipolar energy so healing could occur within myself, aswel could the world heal by it. This combination together with my medicine lithium (a stonesalt that is taken from dried out prehistoric sea)is a match seen the energetic work I do now.

Now every day I am ready to work with very high Angelic realms, dragon-energy, unicorn-energy to perform with as a lightworker. One of my expertise is working as an energetic horsewhisperer. So without the lithium I would not be able(because of the high frequency my own energy must deal with doing so) I wouldn’t be able to ground enought implementing my bipolar energy to pass on for healing. On both the animals/people or collective transmission of energy.

To actual heal a complete soul we must help as practitioners to guide someone’s energies first so psychological resolutions(mental auric field)can be solved, not the other way around. Same counts with bodily or fysical healing(1st auric level).


Seeing the last scientific research we are starting to change our DNA by injections to renew DNA…unfortunately we don’t heal on a deep level that way, we only bring in karmic energy from cells that are not our own. A process of recurring karmic pain is activated; in that case content of other human beings. This is a huge problem if we are not aware yet of what energy transmission is doing. To explain it a bit clearer, it like bombs, we throw them with a incomplete pure intention, but what did it do to the environment? Fysical(1st auric field), emotional(2nd auric field), mental(3rd auric field) and karmic(4th auric field)?


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