Counterfore collective report for indigo’s: 16th Jan. ‘19

16th Jan. ‘19:

“A little better than yesterday”

As indigo’s we are sweeping away all karmic involment that is crossing our path. While doing that we will have to stay focused to live our truth, ALWAYS. Unwavering. Even when we are resting, doing this missionful purpose, we must constantly be conscious about balancing patience and action coming in at an instant, when there is work to be done.

Transformation is needed to save our planet a little more. But indigo’s are not thinking that way, cause it’s the only reason why you are here dear indigo! To turn around unpure situations and intentions . Rather NOW please!


When we get attacked by counterforce energies from others we are about to balance our own energy. As a daily maintainance. The actual energy we are carrying is very transformational, bipolar…so carried away by the pain outside energy is bringing along is easy for us to absord. The reason for that is because as starseeds we have not learned to ground, as that is not our purpose. It would of been nice though God prepared us for life on earth, but walking the experience of life itself is as fair as for everyone. If we do not adapt to the grounding the earth works with we can never work our bipolar indigo-energy to its highest potential. To manifest peace.

So today is one of the restdays, those days that must be lived in the flow of what’s needed. Of what needs to be seen in an indigo’s 3rd eye, and to be felt first before going out there again to turn pages at a fast pace. Days to be embrace in selflove, to gain the insight of embracing counterforce. Cause excactly counterforce is telling us what to do in case of what needs to be transformed, distroyed or cancelled cleared deleted. And the day(s), as yesterday, just before such a restday as today, is all about indigo’s giving back the dense energy to the light(the Angels) for transmutation. It is the energy that hooked in througout the done manifestations.

It’s all about getting to learn Archangel Michael skills to eliminate what’s no longer needed with His sword of light. To cut away the energy cords of protest, from people/situations not wanting to change for the better. One to one, or while performing collective energy work.

Your questions are very welcome,


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