Answer to question: ‘How to let go?’

(Every question I answer I do from my gut feelings, tuning in to the person that is giving the question to me. By the Law of Attraction you might feel drawn to it aswel, in that case the answer can be for many the same time).

To V.

🙏for your trust. I will publicize my answer on my blog in an small article so it can serve everyone.


As beings of a highsensitive nature we tend to read it all; beyond emotions but also that part of the other one that has darkness. Here comes the wisdom first of all by knowing it is not your own proper energy what your feel, but the energy of that other person that makes you feel sad, angry and so on. It easily, littarilly, hooks in to our own energetic body, and it is done before you know it. So we will have to cancel clear delete it back to the light for transmutation. I don’t know how far you are in maintaining your energy, I will share what I’ve learned walking my life path, what works fast.

Before coming to action I’d like to add that we ourselves are also letting cords hooking in f.e. when we don’t agree with someone or have a karmic relationship with the person in front of us. This is a mental attack we create for ourselves holding on to issues formed by thoughts. You can imagine when both activities come together being a sensitive person we can not control our energy household no more. Sleeping it out often doesn’t help nor getting rid of the depressive feelings(that are not even yours).

We must maintain our energy on a daily basis if we want to become a powerful highsensitive being, using it as a tool, not a burden. We can do that through cutting the hooked energy cords that were formed, best at the end of the day and during the day when needed. And it is very important so to learn ourselves not to react on everything that comes along, choosing each time what is giving us direction instead of infection.

If you are not familiar with Angelic energy, I would recommend to give it a try and feel what it does to you. Here we must be clear in our intention to declutter, speaking out still or aloud :

‘Dear Archangel Michael thank you for cutting every cord that has stopped my chakra’s to spin freely and balanced. Thank you AE Raphael to heal the cut cords in all directions of time and for rebalancing every bodily chakra. Let go and feel.

The main wisdom in letting go is to always visualize you are relinquishing control, that you no longer have to feel to control another operating from nasty ego’s. It is ego, nothing important. You can excercise this visualisation daily.

There are other ways, but in my experience Angels are powerful to do so. You can also do the same work with other tools.

Before ending I’d like to mention by knowing the skills of assertiveness for Earthangels((simply read about it on the internet you will bump in to someone who resonates with you). Assertiveness can make you very strong. It means you are handling in respect of yourself and the other person, 50% energy out 50% coming in. Even taking yoga or pilates classes are helping the body to be more in control and heal. Power training aswel. It’s up to you as our body feels different everyday. So ine day it’s yoga, one day dumbles.

Our selflove is talking to us in a flow and we must never doubt the outer world is ahead of us. It’s always the flow of life that leads, after that comes uncreative thinking by many of us. The flow is thriving in a much higher energy frequency than the ego, so we can trust that. So letting go that part in you that is no longer served by everything that comes to you, you can throw it in your imaginary basket or decide to go along with it.

Hope you may find yourself as empty as possible, always having the courage to live YOUR TRUTH!


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