Family or System?

(read as much as you need to for integration within your soul)

We are still doubting whether we want to be in a family without economics/politics OR
one living without this pressure on life.

I hear you saying; ‘how to do that without the system?!😧😧

Well, there is no system! As no-one can actually force us acting above our own free will choice! It’s an illusion someone would ever can! We only believed so, so that means the energy is being spoiled in convincing ourselves.

Our free will choice is a universal law we shouldn’t try to get or put in any constitution, cause imagine we only act constantly from a place of talking and behaving in the name of that universal law! It is just there to completely support you once taken place in your sense of intuitive power.

Be calm, be stable in everything you undertake, in what you energetically transport out to the world, at work, at court, to an officer or anybody! Be aware in every conversation about your free will power! Doing so you will find yourself in a different energy frequency where your become supported by your free will choice instead of being opposed to it. You will witness what love really means. It’s rather a forceful love.

Photo by Sergei Akulich on Unsplash

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