Indigo ascension: God-Proof


Omg counterforce has tried it! To put me in jail.

It is so familiar dear counterforce that after I have been manifesting for our world, you try to catch me. Good news is I’m on God’s side, you can’t put me down or anything you’ve planned. So yesterday I’ve held a manifestation to let descend indigo baby-souls(as indigo’s have this power; to descend again after ascension). That happens when I feel that is willing to help us ascend as a collective. That doesn’t mean, indigo-souls, that you are descending in your overall frequency, but you are capable of descending by the bipolar energy you are carrying(kundalini energy) for balancing the collective field. To add Light to it. It was a speed-up task, to speed up the transformation level even faster, even purer. Now I am holding compassion for everyone who is touched and I welcome all of the new indigo-soul to be born.

But today, the day after manifesting some powerful lightwork, I was attacked. In a store called Zeeman here in the Netherlands. A store I avoid, but I have been triggered to go buy something I wasn’t able to find elsewhere. So stupid. So I asked for forgiveness for my purchase that is fabricated over the back of many many children. This store is so much hiding their activity by putting there own factory address as ‘made in (their on address).’. But it is all made in Bangladesh, India,…

I mistaked size so I went back to exchange the t-shirt. My receipt was the wrong one and I took already a new shirt along to the pay desk and they accused me of robbery as the receipt didn’t stem the product. I was surprised but I immediately called upon God to fix this assault. I knew it was counterforce so I am never scared. I just waited until they did their unfair job to see in the back of the store if I was stealing on camera. My only concern was telling the employees if it wouldn’t be better to put the CEO in jail instead of me. I thanked and said I don’t need their money, so please keep the shirts, even the one I payed for a stupid amount of 3,99€. An amount that should be holding a child of 9. So an night in jail, at the worse, can you image loosing your hand in Saudi by a multinational pressuring their seemingly corporate activity, believing they do a job for a world of ego. While every employee is believing each other, sitting closed inn in buildings 7 days a week. In Saudi-arabia this tactic might work, but I sure feel it’s a lot of pressure to live with, in case you are practicing your sense of justice as a revolting child or adult over there. No second change, nothing to say…well I considered praying through it today using my indigo blue light. Even those children at the sewing factories have nothing to say if they mistake or don’t show up…they are often to young to place wisdom over this surreal life they lead. Is it karma, yes, but in that case it’s not theirs, it’s our as western society with our needs and wanting ‘things’. We have enought in our wardrobe for the rest of our life, I’m sure of it! Leave Primark, Zeeman, Wibra, Zara, … and so many more very expensive brands. Test them here: 

Don’t get an indigo angry over nothing

An indigo-soul is never to be convinced if he or she feels there is an insincere action. It has nothing to see with ego, and here many people run away for indigo’s, but it has everything to see with a very pure mission of inspiring the world to act right and open hearted. Our world deserves that approach as it ran to long the opposite way of betrayal. Marketing, economy, foolish religion and uncompassionate attitude.

Don’t be scared dear indigo brother or sister, you are safe. You only need to know when to set your energy free for ascension. Like at Zeeman, I had to tell them from my gut feelings it is a wrong company. Even if it were only employees and a store manager. The energy goes on!! Just know that you are a strong being not taking a no if your heart says yes. And that counts for everybody else, cause people are all becoming indigo’s if you want.

The manifestation time I dedicate to the world is a responsibility of all of us. And everyone has a unique job in it. It may even be by smiling to others, or taking charge in a petition. If we only listen to our soul that is guiding us, telling us, what to do…stop doubting over it a 1000 times for many years. In the hardest case it is asking you to take a leap of faith. Can you do that? Are you believing you are powerful, much more powerful than a company as Zeeman stealing our money that was supposed to be given to the workers at sewing factories.

If we are scared we will dwelling, saying yes to all of the bad counterforce actions people are maintaining today. It is a cool judgment I make here; it’s wrong. There is one way to peace cause peace is the way. Immediately, now, on the high speed of transformation energy. It is working, as we are on the spot of return, on the turnpike of rewriting the bible of our real ascension. Although Jesus is still leading, this indigo bad ass.

The thing is that we here in the western world need to clean up this unfair business, we started it, we are going through this karma.

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