Current energy: Traumatic Pain Relief by 3rd dimensional help

(18th March ’19 – Counts for the time being)

We are dealing with what triggers outside of us, to heal within. Many of us who need to ascend(time for rebirth)are facing an exchange of information that happens in the 3rd dimension. We can feel that switch between the 5th and the 3rd as a burden, but it is actual healing, so we must allow it, embrace it that way. It hurts!

We are helped by the energy of people living in the 3rd, unconsciously. We do not need to get involved by interacting, just observe what kind of pain that energy brings, triggers, in a fact solves!

639f498c-dede-46b1-bede-8a8817a92f52-1So the anxiety that comes with it is an area of pain(bodily, emotional, mental or karmic)that comes from a heavy pain that has been suppressed or ignored at an other moment in time. A time when it was to painful to face. We can assume it concerns events in life that very traumatic.

The good news is that if we embrace the fact it may take place now, it will end well. As it always end somehow well, so patience and a big amount of self-compassion will help to let it flow out of our energetic auric system. Flowing out from the body, the emotional auric energy layer, or the mental or karmic auric energy level.

For me here, it is the same. I am letting go of a traumatic event that happened in early childhood.

With love,


Photo by Luis Galvez via Unsplash

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