Saving babies

Photo by Shelby Miller via Unsplash

If we want to be very honest with ourselves and our children we must become aware of our cyclic lives. The ones that made you unhappy as a mother in the first place, the part that triggers because of your own role models. Their inner voices telling you what to do and what not from a self orientated place of being, not the one of a collective responsability. The one of the way you have learned it must not perse be copied, it’s an illusion. Women/mothers are leading energy today, as a woman is born to. An intuitive leader I mean! That we can see in how high sensitive men are reacting to our insights and intuition. In completion with one another, if we are a great match.

We are basically lacking content, instead we carry a cross cause our mom and dad were to busy in doing instead of feeling what another soul needs. Like with everything in life if we are willing to see what thought processes produce we don’t need. Shools, new houses, things, gadgets,…making us believe we really can’t do without…there is always that ennoying answer: ‘well what will you do without than?’. Once you are connecting with people who are willing to embrace the information of this article we don’t get these superficial answers no more…cause a part of us is ready to leave all of the material way of thinking. We are not made of material, that’s the mystical part…we don’t see no more that our content is flesh and blood. So that baby has the birthright to be flesh and blood formed by an invisible force…LOVE.

Holding the baby’s soul against the light of being. Instead of being so busy in bringing the kid up, cause here you can’t see what is feeding inside his or her spiritual self. Personally I was screwed up by parental influence me myself. I was as a young child always checking in with the fact if I was good enough, doing things good enought. When attention goes to how to be brought up, we are not winning a life here of happiness and easiness; Lightness. What is essential for a baby soul is to be able to live what it is here for, not what he/she is willing to do. Opening a clothing store or bringing wisdom to the world is the difference a soul can make. This is the only way we can all leave our short-sighted lives. Not anymore taking the mental dive in bringing values alive that are dead and not even ours. But bringing a society that makes war in to love. So crucial these new souls are influenced positively and in to their own being.

It’s important for lightworkers to help cocooning baby soul, so they can be hold in their own personal light. So distractions can catch off of their shields. That is how Archangel Gabriel brought me this message through channelling. This way they can shine from their pure soul light in order to bring wisdom to a world in need without being affected by it.

Mom and dad you are so so important!!!!


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