We are creating a new race

See this girl in the picture for a second.

Many many people can’t see that yet. It took me from healing from childhood abuse to depression to dissociation before I could see I walked on higher conciousness already my whole life.

Just like you do.

And did I change when I was aware. To make a long story short I became spiritual, I started to talk to Angels …but the thing is everybody does, people are only covered in ego. It’s hard to explain when still living a life without synchronicities, I do know the energy I am sending along will bring you to that sight, vision.

Awakening is/was always there! We only peel off what covered us by shooling, rolemodels and the thoughts we create by living in an peaceless life in where we believe we are in pain. But that’s only a belief! Any pain…it goes as far as believing in death. Crying over death f.e. in a twisted way, not accepting we never die. We can’t, cause we are filled up by so much debris in our heads.

We need tattoos to arrive at pureness again, change gender to feel good. No, I am not judging…I am simply saying we are so ready to FEEL again and SEE again that we are undressing of all of that. I am seeing people’s pure sides, but they don’t. They follow. They drink, drug themselves in many ways, aren’t aware what sexual energy is for but creating new life or for the pleasure of it. Even the smallest abusive behavior is needing to leave us all. I do miss the world that used to live in pureness, but that was many lives ago. Great to see it’s coming back!

You all know them, those souls that look pure, normal, authentic…only a bunch ARE. Not involved with ego. See the girl’s aura in the picture, she is still very pure after living her years on Earth.