Angelic intervention: Social media stop

“I anticipate on everything I receive from Archangel Michael. He is the one working together with police and everything that needs justice, safety and trust.“

It’s been 2 days now that I am permanently disconnected from social media and I could feel immediately more space to receive more deep guidance from AE Michael; the one who guided me to disconnect with Social Media. via Unsplash

So when those big steps(not that I feel it that way what concerns social media) in life occur(daring to do it) it means there are even bigger dissicions still to be made by me(for me). To get my attention towards what needs to be done. Trusting enough that what I write, cause I am guided to write, will be brought to the right amount of people. Meaning what they need to read by divine timing. I feel it’s not my decision to create followers. It isn’t even about followers after all. It’s about a higher conciousness that one day shows us how to do certain things a certain way. Like healing for example, we ask to heal, we get it. Everyone does if they ask, seeing and feeling the purpose in how it is brought to you is another thing.

Does that means we must think of Archangel Michael(he’s a male light being) in charge of fines and stuff: No. He doesn’t manage all of that, the money, he just cares about you being ok. But you don’t even need police support, when you are in jeopardy, all you got to do is call upon his presence. Just like superman, only he beats superman as he is present in an instant. He is light, so speedy, is present all the time for anyone at the right time. Just say still or aloud: ‘Michael help me now!’

Once I was challenged by a confused male person coming across, putting his arms around me saying I was the one he was waiting for(that is also a thing, when you are working with good Angelic vibrations you must be aware of the dark luring to eat your light). That was very challenging in my life before, now I see whether a situation/someone has pure intentions. In that case I immediately appealed Michael and that person’s phone started to ring. He walked away and I didn’t see him no more. I just stood there left alone by anything harmful.