Traumatizing horses

Equestrian sports

Not to long ago I started a petition to prohibit equestrian sports. That idea(by the energy of) came from the horses itself while energetically talking with them. It was passed on from the horses that are thriving on a higher consciousness than us humans. We also do have horses that are vibrating lower on their path and that counts for humans as well. After all animals can take on human souls. Humans on the other hand are not yet reaching the 13th dimensional realm. Today, as far as I know of, we reach until the 12th dimensional realm.

Photo by via Unsplash

This petition brought me wisdom and pain. Both areas I needed to feel for the sake of sensing both the equestrial world and the one I’m on with the beautiful horses. First of all the communication style of ego(not anyone, although it is rare to find genuine people over there) was so profound that I had to start protecting myself. A sort of narcissistic behavior was responding to my peaceful way of communication about the topic, that I decided to hold the petition by the powers of the universe. It was not even because they felt attacked by my petition, no it was a complete absence in how to connect with a horse without repressive measurements of all levels. Meaning at the same time they became violent for the sake of putting mental pressure at the degree of mental vandalism. So destructive it was. I finally decided to change back to the universal powers to manifest upon the urgent demand from the horses to live free again. To make people energetically ready for it! So I gave the petitions to the Angels who assured me that the button I pushed by the physical world was enough. I just had to wait patiently for it’s completion.

Sad but true story. Powerful in the end.

I was going through stages in that short period I held the petition, decending a little towards the 3rd dimensional realm(where most people are) in a sensitive sense ,to be able to see and feel how I would form the restiction I had in mind. At first I started out by putting forward this petition-title: ‘Equestrian sports must be hold by Natural Horsemenship’.

That stage was over soon, cause I felt I really must stop the whole sport if we want consciousness been put forward to grow. It is a harsh world over there to go in phases, like they don’t understand ‘no’ for an answer. Like only a hand form above needed to stop this act of ego(every crazy sports with horses). At that point the horses claimed me demanding free stables and lives in priaries. They anticipated upon a very pure way of living, wich I of course had in mind for them. But they picked it up instantly, only the organization Avaaz who managed the online petition template didn’t respond to no mail I wrote to change my title. A that point I knew that I reached enough turbulence to let it manifest by itself. So I didn’t start over new with another organization.

So I had let it go…about 200 people signed it already. But divine interaction withdrawed me for safety reasons. I felt sad, cause I wanted to go on…but now afterwards I see this world of equestran sports is a sick one. Again not everbody, but we can tell the majority is. So another solution is being prepared. And I am talking about this for the first time since the petition about a year ago.

Traumatizing horses

Horse riders have no idee what they are basically doing to the mental condition of the horse. I saw enough stables, enough warnings from the horses itself that they no longer want to do the job. All depending on the owners contact with the horse, they become at the end an depressive victum of the owner’s(nobody owns an animal) will to win. Most of the horses are not well established with a hurd and the contact the owner gives him or her horse. It is all in the light of a game after all. This is a very sad situation people don’t FEEL anymore. They simply don’t know how such powerful animal works in captivity. There is a habit(with all animals) that is filled in by human needs.

In that period of the petition the horses kicked their stable doors telling me they want out! There are so many moments out there they are becoming neurotic, not knowing what to do with their energy. Once a individual reached the point of neurosis they collapse mentally. That is what you see with horses in horseriding shools. They JUST DO THE JOB. All connection is gone(or wildness comes in), cause nobody sees them!! As it they are not living creature, as if they are not like us! They are kept brushed in stables, but no prairie is lifting up there spirit. Never.

That is trauma.

Eti was such a spirit,she was mentally so abused, from one owner to another owner, not well treathed from the start. While a horse needs an owner- friendship as part of the hurd. They don’t understand the one on one connection, not even able to connect with the hurd or to touch another fellow horse at the stables. It’s horrowing.

I guess I can write you more and give you al the sad examples, but I guess it’s time to energetically turn this situation around. I already gave the whole situation to the Angels to resolve, so I am awaiting for more to come clear on that one! Can’t wait to bring good news!