A powerful affirming mistake. Change course!

We are never attacked, our free will choice is freed again as soon as we realize we never give away ourselves/our energy in truth…we only share each time a bit of who we are! Of our wisdom. Yes it’s possible we have created that thought(that you give away your energy) and next we have started to believe in it. Or someone else uses that thought and you believed it. It’s a very powerful affirming mistake and it can cause you severe difficulties letting in people from outside. It is often playing parts in previous(this life of another) encounters of narcissism and one of the reasons why you can’t get rid of a narcissistic energy in your life, even if it concerns a soul that passed over. It might be so severe that that soul didn’t pass over, staying for harrasment. You might even feel right here reading that article the spot in your body reacting to this subject in your life. What area in your body is feeling like a injury, but is not wanting-to-leave-energy?

Bending back forward now! You can do this
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We only share wisdom with those around us if we become conscious about changing our habit to call it that way(giving away our energy). Cause we never need to give away our energy. Here we are drastically changing our energetic blueprint if we do so and so our self-defensive and self-protection. That is a whole package to carry if we constantly affirm we feel drained cause we give away our energy and so our power. Even worse is when we do so we attract more of the narcissistic energy our world holds within the brain of people. Brains from people we are not aware of counterforce is living through them. The dark souls in other words that are daily choosing abuse to overcome life instead of pureness and light. They are not aware yet the path of light is a way as well. And we all know them, unless they are covert narcissists. My father was always charming to the outside world and made everybody love him, but within the family it was a unsafety zone were mental and fysical abuse was going on. Nobody knew out there. Yet the narcissist is the most insecure and scared person, only we can never fix them. The wall they carry is always on game-modus in one way of another. If you touch you will twist yourself around not knowing anymore what color life has.

Very important here is that we can not change them, we can not save them from it as an individual. Environmental impact and it’s circunstances will mirror them by itself to slowly bring them healing. You may assume that in this life, the life you live in very now, will not heal your narcissist. Healing narcissism will occur over the next lifetimes ahead. Psychopathy is even worse, and it doesn’t heal in this life or many lives to come. And here we make the mistake, certainly as empaths or high sensitive individuals, we want to help everyone. But dear one we can only help the ones that are choosing to take responsibility in life. The rest really needs the collective energy to progress. Yes it hurts when it concerns your father(as mine is) or your daughter, at that point we must eventually bring the relationship to a no-contact procedure. I see my father once a year. Sometimes children are involved and even then we need a very strict approach with their father or mother. Below you can find support on that.

Keeping that mindset is cooperating with the universe, God if you want, to a complete relinguisment of attack energetically. Remembering that your encounter with a narcissist was to heal certain aspects in yourself that are not healed yet. As my father was my attacker in another lifetime, so I had to be confronted with the same energy again if I wanted to get passed that so I can spiritual, mentally and emotionally grow. In my case I received(I attracted) a stalker at the time to be able to see if my father’s condition concerned narcissism in the first place. A a child you can’t see your parent other than your parent. I could sense the stalker’s energy as the energy of that of my father, it was excactly the same. An energy I was scared of and attracked at the same time. And he was a son in my very previous life, how intense can it be.

So going through that process I had to touch the ground, on my knees, cry, become manic depressive(wich I am healing thoroughly with succes) and of course I created this mood swinging situation growing up with a narcissist. But I must break the circle and undo it most wisely and responsible. Taking myself by the hand and do proper healing everything it occurs to work on healing. We all must, no matter what your sensitivity concerns.

I understand more than anyone how complex life can feel around the energy of narcissism (and if your case concerns psychopathy) but if we must handle fairness within such a situation…we will have to step back and love ourselves. Healing from narcissism is a big challenge that provides you very intense insights of healing. Me myself I have been helped ,among other things, by reading two of the following experts on that topic.

You might have a look at Kim Saeed (https://kimsaeed.com) or Melanie Tonia Evans (https://www.melanietoniaevans.com). Just make sure someone resonates with you intuitively.

You are not alone!


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