Soon more about how to get going from that place of feeling…

Hi everybody,

I relate so much myself with this quote above. But to detach from it I allowed the other way of thinking about life, within me. I am telling people about it now. I will soon share all about it on a separate blog.

There are many highsensitive people(and others) out there not happy with the life we lead here, led from an ego perspective. I can only tell that I don’t thrive on this level, being true to myself now is sharing my vision with others. I’m sure I did too live out of my ego, in another life. Very much in need to be corrected in my ego by wise ones. But today I became the wiser one, having a vision in what life is all about far away from ego tripping. From buying matter, working for it, while having lack of faith about the natural and divine flow of our intuitive inner guidance. A different life I’m sure you parked several times to be never revealed. Feeling sorrow, even believing you can never make that dream come true.

I hope to let you feel today that you’re not alone…it took me a long way and process to first dare to walk the unpaved paths(I fysically do walk them when walking the streets in a different order, never following). It is who I am.

I’ll be back soon with more on that.

We are more powerful than we know of!