It takes years to become educated, but it takes ages to become wise.

Wisdom rises above (emotional) intelligence in exchange for a new understanding, all because there is an urge inside of you that starts to grow to better our world. When that is the case we are ready for more than everything we have lived before. Nevertheless you will see bit by bit that the experiences you have lived yet were there to prepare you for more wisdom in this lifetime. Same counts for the encounters you have had for the worse or for the better. They are support acts necessary for you to grow spiritually, to meet with your wisdom. It’s your time when it is, even though many people are not arriving at that point in this life.

photo by Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

To listen to that urge inside you will need wisdom, cause intelligence will not be enough no more. Coming at that point in your life you feel your environment changing and your ego is starting to test you not wanting you on a broader perspective than before. We have affirmed our ego since, and it does not like to be contradicted. This process happens when your clair senses start to show you more than before. Feeling more, knowing more, seeing more, even smelling more or hearing more. Getting to know at the same time the synchronicities that appear on your path.

With that you will start to feel you are no longer following the flow of the 3rd dimensional layer of consciousness, cause your flow no longer agrees to its terms and imposed life of a society blinded by a system instead of a life.

You are basically rising your energy frequency towards visions that are coming up and will start to show you the unauthentic life people live. It’s about seeing through situations! You will form a way of thinking that is not entirely yours anymore, but a sensation of connecting with a higher consciousness. A capability we all have and we all will meet eventually. So here you arrive at the 5th dimensional realm or energy frequency.


You are welcome to pose your questions that arrive along your path of enlightenment. You might need it and I am happy to guide now and than, sharing my wisdom with yours and vice versa. I do request to hold the conversation as a comment on this post so we can help one another.


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