Indigo’s and Challenges: core mission

It’s not fun to feel people’s ego’s for the sake of transformation, but indeed you feel them for taking them back to the light for transmutation.

Your energy may become upset, so it’s important not to walk around with others their pain. Asap use your tools to clean yourself!

This a reminder for you to undo unnecessary pain. For example:

You have a narcissistic family member and you clair see this energy is coming in for the many reasons to be. Even not in person. When you transform it, it will take revenge, so you will feel bad, guilty and so on(the old wounds that person left – also to be transformed). But by cleaning yourself back to your own light you are saying to the universe you have the right of self love, choosing to transform this. And this happens for the best interest of all involved. No matter how transforming, healing will become reality for some people involved. Let it go and detach, no matter how difficult. You can do that powerful indigo!! And when it concerns narcissistic energy it will always feel the worst ego-energy ever.